Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Northeast Business Association D4 Candidate Forum

I took video of the forum last night at the Northeast Business Association Candidate Forum for District 4. I'll edit the video and post it soon. Interestingly there was one little exchange at the end of the debate that may end up being pretty interesting when the KCOS debate airs.

Jose Plasencia, the artist formerly known as "The Other Guy", alleged that Sam Morgan came out against Domestic Partner Benefits during the KCOS debate taping. That debate will be aired April 2. A source in the Plasencia campaign says that the Morgan made the comment on an unrelated question.

When confronted about it, Morgan denied saying it and was pretty upset at being accused of discrimination as a black man in America.

This will be resolved when the debate airs on April 2. Either Team Other Guy has to apologize to Morgan, or Morgan is going to have some explaining to do. So that will be interesting. But make no mistake, if Plasencia is wrong, he's going to owe Sam Morgan a really big apology.

The video will show you how they answered questions but here's my quick thoughts on each of that candidates last night:

Jose Plasencia - Come up with something better to do with Cohen Stadium than a farmer's market. Its silly and not an impactful public benefit.

Diana Ramos - For the love of all that is holy in the world, ANSWER A QUESTION! She deflects giving a substantive answer to most questions and turns it around and says that she wants the people to tell her. She's supposed to be the policy wonk in this race, so it surprises me that she doesn't appear excited about giving substantive answers.

Sam Morgan - Stop talking about your book. No one cares that you're a published author unless its a book on "How City Government Can Lower Your Taxes for Dummies". I looked up the book, there's a pretty bad review.

Shane Haggerty - No one cares about robots, how terrible of a soccer coach you are, or your love of ice cream.

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