Monday, March 6, 2017

Oaxaca & Interviews

A few things today and I'll just put them all into one post. First, Dora Oaxaca isn't working for Acosta anymore at the city. There are conflicting reports as to whether she is taking a leave of absence to do campaign work full time, or if she was fired in an effort to get unemployment - while she does campaign work full time.

Oaxaca was probably the highest paid staffer on the 2nd floor because she was getting paid by multiple reps and departments.

So after the previous week in Austin telling anyone who would listen that she had no idea that her new husband was going to file and run for office, which those rumors started about 15 minutes after their Vegas wedding, she is now running campaigns full time.

I'll bet next she's gonna tell people she's not helping her husband run his campaign...

Speaking of her husband, the union finance guy is facing a friendly incumbent to the union in Lily Limón. Watch the union fuck this one up royally. They have been on a roll screwing things up and under Marrufo, at least the union won some elections. They are interviewing candidates right now. This outta be entertaining to watch because there is basically no way that they don't endorse their own guy. But they are doing so at the peril of pissing off arguably their biggest ally on city council. When they endorse their guy and Limón wins, what are the odds that she's going to be as passionate of an advocate?

Speaking of interviewing candidates, Max Grossman is apparently calling candidates to sit with them. I guess he now fancies himself some sort of king-maker. But with an investigation for alleged open meeting violations at the County and being present at meetings in which City Reps are being investigated for open meeting violations - and oh yeah, being outed as a big time conservative extremist - only the REALY dumb candidates would risk sitting with the guy and have him try to strong arm them.

Gotta love El Paso politics.

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