Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Republican Sheriff Candidate Backs Henry Rivera (D7)

Recent Republican candidate for sheriff Tom Buchino announced the other day on his campaign page that he was endorsing District 7 candidate Henry Rivera.

Buchino was strongly backed by the CLEAT unions for sheriff to unseat incumbent Sheriff Richard Wiles. Wiles and Rivera served together in EPPD for many years.

So they have something in common now other than their years of service in protecting our community...neither of them were supported by CLEAT.

Its particularly interesting when you consider the fact that Rivera was, until very recently, an officer in the organization and ran the PAC.

So Buchino reached out to all of those union people that supported him - despite the fact that the union didn't support Rivera.

They endorsed a friendly incumbent, City Representative Lily Limón.

What's the phrase I'm looking for here...help me out...oh yeah! I remember!

"All those badges can't be wrong..."

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