Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Standing with Duranguito?

I've been having this conversation with a few of my activists friends, especially after they all found out about how much of a right-wing extremist Max Grossman is, about what it means to "stand with Duranguito".

I get annoyed when I hear people talk about "selling out" instead of protecting abuelitas that live in the area. So here's my query to those of you who feel so strongly about those abuelitas in the area...what are you doing about the damn slum lord in Duranguito?

See Grossman never talks about that. Why?

Because like I said, he cares about the buildings, not the brown people.

None of you cared about the area until Grossman started using abuelitas as human shields. The reality is that most of those abuelitas, if not all, are renters. They are probably on fixed incomes too. You got a slum lord who doesn't give a shit about people and poor people who are at his mercy because of their economic condition.

At any point, those abuelitas could be kicked out of their place. But there would be no assistance for them to find another place. They would just have to figure it out somehow.

And stop saying the city is using eminent domain. They aren't. They are willing to write fat checks right now and pay for rental assistance for those abuelitas for YEARS.

The stand with Duranguito people are actually advocating for the arena site to be moved somewhere else or completely done away with. So when the property owners decide to do something different with the land, were do you think Max Grossman and his save Duranguito people gonna be? You think they are going to be there to make sure the abuelitas land on their feet and get help?


They won't even know about it. Those abuelitas will be put on the street.

But hey, historical designation, amirite?


Anonymous said...

There's a few hold out property owners that live in the area along with a couple who don't, and they are not selling out. Eminent domain is on the table. Imagine if the arena were there today......it would be empty right now just like the baseball stadium is most of the year.

The Lion Star said...

No, you clearly don't understand the process. Eminent domain has to be voted upon by council. It hasn't been. There is a long time of negotiations left before eminent domain would even come into play.

Anonymous said...

I clearly do understand that eminent Domain will be used to force the holdouts to sell. The mayor said he won't sign. It is important to get a mayoral candidate that respects property rights and will not sign off on eminent domain.

The Lion Star said...

Then you clearly don't understand eminent domain. The council have to vote on it. They haven't. No matter what alternate reality you come up with, they haven't voted on it.

Also, you should understand that eminent domain is a legal power authorized to governments. The property owners have said they won't sell...for now. But anytime anyone gives them an offer they like, whether it's another business owner or council, they'll sell. This is a normal thing anytime a government project happens that has to acquire land.

Anonymous said...

How much do you want to be that eminent domain will come up to deal with the holdouts?

The Lion Star said...

IF it comes up in the future, it doesn't change the fact that you're wrong now. Eminent domain is not on the table. There's no getting around that.