Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Svarzbein & Political Theater

Its gonna be a rough day for Rep Svarzbein because pretty much everyone thinks it was a knucklehead move to pull what he did on the agenda. It was bad enough that he put an item on the agenda that had no chance of passing, probably wasn't legal, and essentially did nothing anyway.

Its worse to pull it when you get a little heat for it.

Frankly, I was surprised that Svarzbein put it on the agenda in the first place considering the area he represents is probably the area in town MOST IN FAVOR of Trump's wall.

At first I figured it was an attempt to draw attention away from the whole Texas Ranger investigation thing, or at the very least a move to try to garner public support.

Boy did he mess that one up because he found the one way to piss off everyone on this issue simultaneously. The anti-immigrant pro-Trump crowd for putting the item on the agenda in the first place and the pro-immigration reform crowd by taking it off so fast.

Take a lesson from others who love to jump on immigration even though it has zero to do with their level of government, when you take a position, have some backbone and stick with it until the end. You look weaker when you capitulate so quickly.


Richard Baron said...

Maybe it was better for him to cut his losses. If he realized it was a mistake to submit, why would he need to go down with it? He took it off the table. I don't know why the "pro-immigration reform crowd" should be critical of him for removing it; I would think they'd be pleased that a council member - and an anglo from the Westside much less - would hold the sentiment.

The Lion Star said...

A solid point but what good is it if it never even sees the light of day!