Monday, April 10, 2017

A List of Dumb Things I've Heard/Seen

There's a lot of dumb things I've seen/heard in this election cycle and most of them aren't connected to one another so I figure the best way to tie them all up is put them in one post.

I hate responding to dumb shit David K says because it would be too time consuming but his last post was particularly stupid, even by the Juicy One's standards, so I guess I'll start there.

Anytime David K has a candidate he supports (he lies and says he doesn't) and someone writes anything about them, he loses his shit. And then has to come up with some conspiracy theory that almost always involves a list of about 5 people. Sometimes its all of the following people, sometimes its just combinations of a couple of them, but its me, Susie Byrd, Veronica Escobar, and the Perez's.

What he doesn't tell you is that he does exactly what he accuses everyone else of doing. He's writing about the elections because his family business has a vested outcome in the elections. That is why he always talks about them and if you don't believe me? Just go look at campaign finance reports going back years...count how many times you see the name Karlsruher. Now he's mad that I wrote about Fenenbock outing herself as not fluent in Spanish. Wonder what the likelihood is that his mommy's name is on her campaign finance report somewhere. I'd be pretty high considering how many they are on.

Hell, start with this election. Thats an easy way to see who DK is supporting. Okay, enough about his dumb shit. Lets get to the list, in no particular order.

Paying Jeremy Jordan for campaign work.

My buddy Jose Enriquez invited me to have lunch with him a few years ago to talk about politics and campaign work. He was really interested in helping out and learning as much as he could about campaigning. I met him and he had a guy with him there. It turned out to be Jeremy Jordan. I listed to him talk for over an hour and realized within about the first minute that the guy knew absolutely nothing about campaign work, he was just a good bullshitter. He was trying to "teach me" about local politics and campaigning. He obviously didn't know who I was but I spent the next 59 minutes wondering when he was going to stop talking long enough for me to make up an excuse to leave. I've forgotten more about politics than Jordan will ever dream of knowing. So it surprised me to see that he was getting paid to do campaign work for Saucedo. Yet another example of Saucedo's poor judgement.

You know how I know Jeremy Jordan doesn't know shit about campaigning? I spoke to Cortney Niland during early voting in the election she almost lost to Josh Dagda and she asked me what I thought of her chances. So I asked her, well what does your GOTV look like?

She didn't know what I was talking about. And neither did Jordan. And they almost lost. Saucedo should just go full rich-guy douche and start lighting cigars with campaign cash, it would be useful doing that than paying Jordan to do campaign work.

Dora's not getting paid to do campaign work. 

Dora Oaxaca's name is not anywhere to be found on anyone's campaign finance report. Y'all expect me to believe Dora isn't getting paid this election cycle with her boss and her new husband both running for office. If you believe that, perhaps you'd like to make a bid on that bridge in Horizon City I was talking about last week...

The Texas Ranger investigation is no big deal.

Whether its David K or Chris Hernandez, they both have been downplaying the Texas Rangers investigation into their boy Jim Tolbert. I would just like to remind you people that they don't bring in the Texas Rangers for the hell of it. Those guys aren't investigating expired parking meters. The District Attorney, who has been AWOL on public corruption issues for the last decade finally took action on an issue, so its not something you can just blow off.

Running to Represent El Paso in Congress when you live in Houston. 

Nicole LeClaire is a woman who lives in Houston and has indicated that she wants to run for Congress to represent El Paso. Yes, you read that correctly...she still lives in Houston and wants to represent this community. That is kind of a growing movement of women who have little to no recent history in the area wanting to run to represent all or part of El Paso including Diana Ramos in District 4 who has lived in the district since around October, Elisa Morales who moved back to El Paso recently, and now LeClaire who doesn't even live here yet.

LeClaire is a Democrat and I'm sure I'll love her platform, but there is something really troublesome about people that represent an area they can't possibly know all that well just because they lived here at one point in their life.

I'm against Saucedo because he's a Republican and I'm secretly supporting Dee Margo.

I know, you would think that the title along would be a clue to these idiots of how dumb they sound. For those of you keeping score at home, Saucedo and Margo are both Republicans.

I'm against Saucedo because he's not qualified to be mayor. I think its important everyone know Saucedo and Dee Margo are Republicans.

Don't you people ready my blog? Forma is Dee Margo's consultants. Have y'all not being attention to what I write since - well ever?

I don't like Forma very much. They don't like me. Its a mutual thing.

In the greatest diss track of all time, Tupac's Hit-em Up, he has a line in there about his rivals from Bad Boy Records in which he says, "...fuck Bad Boy as a staff, record label, and as a mother fucking crew...."

So with apologies to Tupac, Fuck Forma as a staff, record label, and as a mother fucking crew.

Moving the arena to Cohen

Stop saying that, you sound stupid. Its not going to happen. It would take years and involve litigation.  I know that there are people that are grasping at any straw they can, and worse there are candidates that will tell those people what they want to hear, but the reality is that its not gonna happen. Talking about the idea is a distraction to an important conversation this town needs to have about what to do with Cohen that will get it off the city's hands and in to the hands of private developers so that we can start collecting taxes on that land.

The other dumb thing I keep hearing is the idea of turning it into a farmer's market. You hippies don't understand that farmer's markets are small and unsuccessful. Look at all the community garden projects that suck. The County put money into a community garden in San Elizario. Total failure.

The Ethics Complaint against Tolbert was dismissed so its no big deal. 

This may be the dumbest of all. The reason it was dismissed wasn't because Tolbert didn't do anything wrong, although that is what his camp would have you think. It was dismissed because because it accused Tolbert of committing a crime and the city attorney, properly or improperly, said that isn't the purview of the city to deal with. Tolbert and his crew are essentially misleading the pubic when they act like being dismissed is the same as a finding that absolves him of wrong-doing.

Running for school board while being in support of charter schools

There's a candidate in YISD that I'm going to write more about who was Joyce Wilson's former staffer at the City of El Paso, that is running for school board to represent the Hanks area that says she supports charter schools. She's running against one of the only two candidates I am working with in this election cycle (both YISD school board candidates). There's more to discuss about her, but seriously - if you're supportive of charter schools why in the hell would you run for school board unless you want your motives challenged. But more on her tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Didn't you apply to work for Forma?

The Lion Star said...

Hell no. They tried to recruit me once. But never have I ever sought to work with them. Not ever.