Tuesday, April 11, 2017

All In The Family...Just Kidding

Since I've been having fun with signs today I thought I'd post another fun sign.

I got a tip from someone that I didn't believe until I saw it for myself.

At first glance of this photo, it's nothing special. It's just someone who supports mayoral candidate Dee Margo.

The tip I got was that the sign is in the yard belonging to the home of a relative of another aspiring mayoral candidate. That's right, even though the home owner is related to another mayoral candidate, David Saucedo, they are supporting Dee Margo.

When your own relatives aren't supporting you for mayor...that is, as we say in the Valley, GACHO!

One more thing, Saucedo lost his grandmother. That's a terrible loss and I was a total mess when I lost my Nana. People grieve in their own way and I certainly won't criticize him for how he grieves. It's a long and painful process and I'll never really be okay with losing my dad.

But making a sponsored Facebook ad on your campaign page during an election? Come on man. That doesn't work in real life, it's just a script in House of Cards. 

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