Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Ana Dueñez..Speaking of Bad Candidates

If you've never seen her in action, it is a sight to behold.

She's such a bad candidate....

(How bad is she?)

She's so bad of a candidate that you would think she was running for mayor!

Ba-dump-bump chhhhhh.

I start with a joke because Dueñez, as an elected official is a total joke. She has plagued the school board in Ysleta for a long time with petty crap and has taken some really bad votes.

Here's what I mean. She has a clique of friends that actually script questions for her to ask during a meeting. If you watch video of meetings, you can see her read off of her script. She berates staff in public and does so to embarrass them. That has had a tangible impact on morale around the district office and throughout the district.

Which is unfortunate, but the real impact has been on the Riverside area.

During the last bond, Eastwood, Bel Air, Ysleta and Parkland areas all go significant investments in their infrastructure. Riverside got significantly less.

Dueñez has gone on television to talk about the conditions of schools in the Riverside area, highlighting that some of them might not be structurally sound. Which is admirable on her part, but here's the kicker...she voted against the bond! That makes no sense that she would identify a need in her district and then proceed to vote against the bond to address the needs in the Riverside area.

Riverside didn't get much in the bond because Dueñez spends so much time fighting with people, berating district and school staff, and reading (with great difficulty sometimes) her scripted questions.

Why does this matter to you? Who cares about a small school board race in the lower valley besides those of us who live in the valley?

Because Anna Dueñez sits on the Central Appraisal District board. She's the YISD rep on CAD and she takes her madness on a roadshow that affects anyone that owns property in El Paso. And her behavior on CAD is the same as it is on the YISD school board.

These small elections have bigger implications that we sometimes think about.

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This woman talks and talks and talks