Friday, April 21, 2017

Ay, Ay!

In one photo the reason people think Saucedo is a cocky douche-bag is perfectly captured.

I don't recall a mayoral candidate ever doing this before.

It underscores that his entire campaign is centered around his ego and narcissistic attitude.

Whether it was his boxing commercial with the weird luchador, this magazine cover, or how he constantly refers to when he gets elected, not if he's elected, he will be the youngest in the history of El Paso and the youngest Latino mayor of a major American city.

Me, me, me, me.

And that crystalizes my frustration with this election. There is no candidate who's basic message is you, you, you, you.

We need a people-centered mayor, not an entitled child of privilege with a messiah complex.


Anonymous said...

So did he have to pay for Modemag to put him on the cover?

Anonymous said...

not a good photo at all. Needs a shave, haircut trim, sleeves are obviously too long, tie clasp is well-should throw away, inexpensive cowboy belt. If you are wearing a nice suit, wear a nice belt as well. Sometimes people should away from what they see on TV.

This image along with the club finance story has me looking for the two overweight body guards.

My opinion, fire the campaign manager and sue for defamation of character.

Anonymous said...

Jaime, from what you have seen, who has been supporting this guy financially? Has he gotten some big time people to give him cash. Do you think he has a political future in El Paso, like in city council or something, or has he messed up so bad this time that its not going to happen for him

The Lion Star said...

He probably did pay for that cover now that I think about it.

Lol, at the suing his own campaign manager.

No, I don't think he has a future. I think he's damaged his credibility irreparably.

Anonymous said...

sleazy looking guy. I still am voting for Dee Margo. Emma & Saucedo cannot be trusted.

Anonymous said...

This is the second time Saucedo was promoted by Mode Magazine. They published a scripted interview with him about a month or so ago.

inept said...

I saw one of his handouts yesterday and it raised yet another question. Who is the woman holding the child in the deep background and who is the child with the candidate? Is he married? Not one mention of a wife or the names of the children in the text. If she is the wife, she may have requested anonymity. I could understand that, but I don't understand the candidate's failure to introduce his family if they are family and I don't understand why he included the woman and children if they are only props. Vote for whomever you wish, but there are literally thousands of young Mexican-Americans in El Paso who would be much better choices. This slate of candidates is embarrassing with the exception of Willie Cager who has never done anything buy serve El Paso well.