Thursday, April 27, 2017

Blind Item

I'm waiting on a video of a candidate caught red-handed in a video removing campaign literature of an opponent from a candidates home.

There's no way to "fake-news", "No comment", or "unavailable" to this story.

As soon as I get it, I'll post it. Its bush-league crap for one candidate to do that to another, but it will give you insight as to just how far some candidates will take things.


A few municipal candidates got an email from a very upset Texas Democratic Party. They have to behave themselves now or they will lose their VAN access - which would be devastating at this point in the ball game. Yes gentlemen, I know all about it...


Not sure why David Saucedo thinks its such a big deal to have the endorsement of one of the most divisive people in the Democratic Party but he is apparently so proud of it, he put it in his newsletter.

Othon Medina is a former chair of the Tejano Democrats. And he is now endorsing a Republican. If anyone took him serious, he'd be in trouble with the Party.

He's also the same guy that yelled "why don't you stand up?" from the back of the room at the Tejano Democrats endorsement meeting when Willie Cager was speaking. Yeah...thats an endorsement you want.

Jeremy Jordan must be in charge of his newsletter.

Oh hey, speaking of Saucedo's newsletter - they devoted an entire newsletter to denying allegations from Margo's campaign that they call frivolous. Which begs the question, if its frivolous, why are you  addressing it point-by-point?

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Team Man-bun got caught.