Wednesday, April 26, 2017

D4: Morgan Calls EP Times "Racist"

It's not the first time in this race that there has been some charges of bigotry floating around the District 4 race - and specifically around Morgan.

Early in the campaign Morgan compared Diana Ramos and Melina Castro. Those two don't have anything in common other than being women and the color of their skin.

In a KCOS debate Morgan raised the issue of domestic partner benefits - then denied saying that he said it before it was aired - then it aired and he hasn't said a word about it since. It wasn't really overt, but it was absolutely that dog whistle stuff conservatives do.

And now Morgan is saying that the El Paso Times is racist because of a picture that was in the El Paso Times news story about some questionable expenses on his campaign report. Morgan makes the charge in an interview on KTSM. Click this link to view the story.

The picture he's upset about is this one:

Morgan is misleading people making it sound like the El Paso Times went out to purposely find the most messed up picture of him they could find.

And Morgan is completely full of shit.

What he doesn't say is the fact that the picture the Times used is a picture of Sam's own amateur-hour stunt to get attention when he went to file for his run for City Council. Actually that day was probably the last time he was the happy-go-lucky Sam Morgan we all know. After that, people started filing and he has seemed pissed that he had to actually campaign for the office.

Because you know, how dare anyone else run for the seat right?

Sam Morgan invited the El Paso Times to the event and he had it at City Hall in order to get attention.

Attention from who?

The media.

He wanted to use the fact that he cut off his dreds, which was a very clear pander to voters, for attention.

Let me remind you - he posed for that picture!

Why do you think he's holding that hair up in one hand and his filing for office in the other hand?

He fucking posed for the picture.

No one forced him to do that.

Not only did he pose for the picture, he shared the coverage on social media. You can't seriously claim its racist to use pictures of you in the paper from a stunt you pulled to get pictures of you in the paper.

Seriously, get the fuck outta here.

I got called racist for a post I wrote about him a few days ago. Why was I racist? Because I used a picture from his campaign! No, I'm not joking. One of his supporters seriously said I was racist because I included a picture of Sam Morgan in a post about Sam Morgan.

I'm not gonna pull punches about the fact that Sam Morgan took a contribution from Dee Margo and didn't return the money after he made a remark that many Chicanos, including myself, felt was racist, just because Sam is black.

Yes, I did expect solidarity from another minority.

There are two types of racism, singling out someone because of their color and not singling someone out because of their color. I made a criticism because of the issue and I was called racist.

Then Emma Acosta uses the term "illegal" in the KVIA interview. Guess what, I was critical of her doing that too. She's brown.

So does that make me racist against raza now? I've been critical of just about every candidate in this election cycle regardless of color.

You don't get a pass just because of your color no matter who you are.

So someone please explain to me how using a pic of the candidate at an event he wanted media at is somehow racist? Its a picture of him holding hair. What racial fucking stereotype is there of anyone holding hair?

And let me tell you, if I showed up somewhere wearing a fucking sombrero and leaned against a cactus and took a fucking siesta to pander to voters and invited the media there, theres a pretty good chance I wouldn't be whining if the media used that picture. And thats an example of an ACTUAL racial stereotype.

But lets get back to the REAL issue here. The story was about the questionable expenditure on his campaign finance report. I don't know where Sam comes off calling a story about his campaign finance report slanderous when the report he filed is what has drawn questions.

Sam says its not a violation of the law. Well no shit.

Does anything think a candidate is going to admit they messed up? Not in the Chris Hernandez slate of candidates. If Saucedo - Tolbert - Morgan have shown anything, they show that they never admit a mistake no matter what tax returns, video, text messages, investigations by the Texas Rangers, former board members, or campaign finance reports say.

Morgan cried racism about the picture but when he hung up on the El Paso Times and refused to answer any questions about whether or not his report indicated that he paid his business rent with campaign contributions. He wouldn't have had any knowledge of what picture they were gonna use of him.

He's screaming racism now to distract from the story.

The bottom line is that in the KTSM story Morgan says that he paid for another office in the same eastside office building that his business is in.

So where was his lease?

Oh, you don't have a lease? Okay, thats cool. How about some statement from the landlord confirming the story?

Guess what, the landlord was unavailable for comment.


I've always known Sam to be a great guy. I've knocked back a few beers with the guy. We both served. But since early on in the race, something has changed about him and now he seems to be imploding.


Anonymous said...

Remember how he was all against open carry because he thought it would affect his business negatively? He attacked the Open Carry people, went on tv and called them names, and offended many Patriots.
Now, all of a sudden he is Mr. Open Carry Texas because he it is generating money for his business due to the fact that you still need licensing.
Either you were against Open Carry or you were for it. It is hard to change your mind and help more people Open Carry if you thought it was such a horrible thing.
Ever since then, he lost the trust of many people.
You just happen to be the first one to publicly call him out on his bullshit.

Anonymous said...

what does open carry have to do with anything?

never had a remotely racist vibe from jaime.