Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Dee's Nuts

It was beyond stupid to hold a fundraiser anywhere near the proposed site of the downtown arena. I don't know who's idea it was, but Dee Margo should fire whoever the idiot was that came up with that one.

There is a sleepy undercurrent of people that are opposed to Dee Margo and having an event in that location did nothing but galvanize his opposition. The question is, was this the spark to something Margo should really be concerned about?

Time will tell, but I doubt it. If anyone were going to benefit from this incident it would be Acosta, but Acosta is for the arena downtown, then against it, then for it, then against it, then for it....

You know, like she is with every other issue.

Saucedo could benefit from it too, but Saucedo has a trust issue with voters. They never know what to believe about the guy. Why? Well every time he is in the spot light about something he flips and tries to rewrite history. The Lou Holtz thing, when it first happened he dug his heels in and dended Holtz, now tries to brush it off and his team alleges that Saucedo has come out against the border wall. Still haven't actually seen that anywhere.

Then there's the City Manager's pay raise. He was all for Gonzalez getting an obscene raise that was twice the annual salary of the average El Pasoan. Hell he went to city council and spoke in favor of it.

Now he says he wouldn't renew Gonzalez's contract. Wow, what bold leadership!

The bottom line is that even when it looks like Margo is trying to lose this raise but doing something crazy like hold a fundraiser in a building owned by Gilbert Guillen, it still won't likely hurt him.

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