Thursday, April 27, 2017

Elisa Morales' Voting Record

Elisa Morales feels like the media isn't giving her a fair shot.

I was gonna vote for her for about 2 days until I realized that she just moved back to El Paso about as recently as Diana Ramos moved into District 4 to run.

In fact, she's a female candidate that just moved into an area to run, so you'd think she'd be Susie Byrd's candidate.

Well the reason you know that she's not Susie's candidate is because of her voting record.

Took me awhile to find it because she doesn't have one in El Paso County.

But she does have one in San Antonio. The land of shitty Mexican food.

Morales talks a lot about bipartisanship and working for a Democratic Congressman and a Republican Congressman. She talks a lot about progressive issues too.

She's even been endorsed by the local Green Party.

But if you check out her voting history, she's only ever voted in Republican Primaries according to VAN.

So that makes her the same as Dee Margo and David Saucedo.

This is why I moved on to Wille Cager.

That, and because the kids. Short and sweet.

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