Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Everything That Bothers Me About Saucedo in One Video

I know, its a really long title for a blog post but I couldn't sleep last night and was editing video when I reviewed this clip of part of my conversation with David Saucedo the other day. It crystalizes what bothers me about Saucedo.

Its the duplicity of the guy. The Hey-I'm-Just-Like-The-Average-El-Pasoan-Except-I-Was-Born-To-Privilidge-Never-Struggled-Went-To-Private-School-And-Had-Every-Advantage-In-Life rhetoric. The calling himself a progressive and a populist at the same time. The Republican pretending not to be...

I was reminded of it when I ended up in a circle jerk of his paid staffers on Facebook the other day.

After a while of watching people pretend you're supposed to support this guy because he's raza while you notice he never says anything about Trump's wall and votes for candidates that are bad for raza and this community, you don't know whether to laugh or feel like there's no hope for people dumb enough to buy is bullshit.

But being mayor is about being a leader. And being quarterback means you get too much credit when things go well and too much criticism when Romo throws another interception after getting a hangnail.

The Boys & Girls Club controversy is a big deal and when I asked Saucedo about it, it really gave me insight into just who he really is as a candidate. So I took about the part of the interview I previously posted and added some commentary that underscores my issues with him. I already posted the original interview so you can watch it without my edits, but my edits don't change the nature of what he said, I just slowed things down so you could fully understand what he is saying.

And frankly, its pretty damn inflammatory if you're a Boys & Girls Club Board members...


Chris Hernandez said...

First off, this "economic crisis" was not under Saucedo's watch. He left the organization in June, and said "crisis" happened in December. That's 6 months gone. If the United States has a crisis this June, are you going to say that was under Obama's watch? Second, you highlight him saying he didn't have contact with the board after resigning, as to insinuate that isn't true. But he didn't, not until he heard the CEO was fired. Between June and December he had no contact with BGC. Third, you insinuate it is ridiculous to think that this a political hit. I know not even you believes that. Anyone with any type of political sense knows this is a political hit. Your fallacy is your refusal to acknowledge that there are two boards being mentioned. The one that Saucedo served on for 9 years, and the Foundation Board which is served on by Joyce Wilson and Ralph Adame. It is the Foundation Board doing the hit. You know damn well they are strong supporters of Margo. And you also know damn well it was Adame who leaked to you the mishaps of the BGC so that you can go to town on your blog, and try to get this packaged for media. Good job, you got KTSM to bite. I know you all are homies and they interview you on TV to give your insights on local politics. KVIA, KDBC, and KFOX did not give a shit, because honestly you had nothing there. The El Paso Times was fair and objective with Saucedo when covering this story. I know because you didn't share it, and you love sharing articles that make your enemies look bad. Saucedo was six months removed from the organization, and you, being the spin master that you are, are making a huge stretch that Saucedo is somehow to blame for this. Saucedo is very proud of his record with the BGC, serving 9 years, and helping some of El Paso's most marginalized communities. Also, for the millionth time, Saucedo has repeatedly said he is against Trump's wall.

Unknown said...

This Cris guy sounds like Spicer.