Monday, April 10, 2017

Fenenbock's "Cochina" Video

Well, word around the campfire is that Dori Fenenbock has been trying to reassure people's she's bilingual since I posted last week that she doesn't habla. For some reason, that really got under her skin.

Maybe its because her counterpart in YISD, President Shane Haggerty, actually IS bilingual.

He started his remarks at the Tejano Democrats event in Spanish - and even had a little Selena moment when answering a question from KINT anchor Hector Urrutia. I'll post video of that later, it was pretty funny.

Well this is what happens when you tell people you're bilingual and then you out yourself. And this wasn't a slip of the tongue, because once everyone reacts to what Fenenbock says, she asks "is that bad?"


Because she doesn't speak Spanish and didn't know if it was bad.

But it was funny.

So without further delay....the cochina video...

By the way, that is fellow trustee Susie Byrd laughing in the background. She was the first person to catch it.


Anonymous said...

Damn! Dee Margo speaks better Spanish than she does.

Anonymous said...

This woman is a FRAUD!

She has special interest smeared all over her. SHE IS NOT FOR THE PEOPLE! She has taken $500 million from the community already. Que mas quiere!?


Anonymous said...

Even Eddie Holguin speaks better spanish than she does (Byrd is laughing in the background).