Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Fenenbock's Future

I wrote about EPISD Trusee Dori Fenenbock as a possible candidate for the D8 seat yesterday and several people and an out-of-town journalist spoke to me about how her intentions were to run for congress.

I've heard the same and even wrote about it awhile back, but frankly I never really thought she'd do it because well, I wondered what she was smoking that made her think she was viable for a run at congress in El Paso.

And I don't mean because she's a white lady.

Well maybe a little.

I question it more because she's a Republican and I don't think El Paso has sent a Republican to congress since Reconstruction. Okay, maybe its been more recent.



Her running for congress to represent El Paso makes as much sense as any given Dr. Seuss children's book.

I know she's telling people she's running as a Democrat, but I just don't see how that is possible. Her husband is a big time Trump supporter. Election night, which was the same election night as the EPISD bond, he was gloating about Trump's victory at the EPISD watch party.

And he's been a financial contributor to Republicans like Dee Margo and even Ted Cruz. So Fenenbock would be running to replace the guy that is going to be running against the Republican senator her husband has contributed to, as a Democrat?

If you believe that, there's a bridge in Horizon City I want to sell you.

I pulled Fenenbock's voting history just for fun and she's only voted in one Democratic primary in her life, which was the last one. As you can see, she's voted in more Republican primaries.

Dori Fenenbock's Voting History - Source Texas VAN

The "R" under '10 and '08 show she's voted in those Republican primaries. Fun fact, she's only voted in one school board race before her own election apparently. They were categorized under special before '15.

For funsies, I decided to pull the voting history of another El Pasoan, also a white chick, close to Fenenbock's age, and also on the EPISD Board of Trustees for comparison. Here is Susie Byrd's voting record:

Susie Byrd's Voting History - Source Texas VAN
As you can see, her colleague on the Board of Trustees as a much strong voting history in Democratic Primaries.

But VAN also gives you scores on the likelihood of a target (voter) voting Democrat. That score is based on a lot of factors to include your voting history.

VAN gave Susie Byrd a partisan score of 96. Meaning there is a 96% chance out of 100% that Byrd will vote for a Democrat.

You know what score Fenenbock has? 2.

That is not a typo - its 2 - as in deuce. The number between 1 and 3.

So yeah, Fenenbock isn't viable for Congress, which is why I've blown off the idea. I figured she got her little El Pasoan of the Year Award from the Inc and that got it into her head that she was a viable Congressional candidate but I figured someone somewhere along the way would explain to her that she has no appeal outside of the westside, doesn't habla, and that her voting record would be all over pieces of mail in a partisan election.

Come on, someone around her told her that there would be a piece of mail with her and her husband on it, along with the amount of money he's donated to Ted Cruz on a glossy piece of mail sent to every Democratic household, of which the vast majority in El Paso are, before early voting...

And what the hell made her think she was gonna use a school board seat as a springboard for a congressional run in El Paso?

Sure, she's got money, but she's probably the easiest candidate to take apart in a partisan congressional race by the opposition. Especially after how this community thinks about Trump?

Which is why I think she will ultimately replace Niland on council, not Beto in congress. Someone is going to sit her down and talk some sense to her and tell her that she's not viable.

Dori's not viable now...

not in the rain,
not on a train,
not in a house,
not with a mouse,
not in a box,
not with a fox...

You're not viable Dori Fenenbock!

All apologies to Dr. Seuss...


Anonymous said...

If this carpet bagger were to run-and win, it becomes official that El Paso is owned by a ruling class of a family of downtown real estate developers and money changers. This would affect everything.

It would be the crown jewel of corruption and represent everything that is wrong with El Paso, and leave the city supporting the financial elite for years to come.


Anonymous said...

Disagree, there are households where there is support for opposing parties. The families live just fine The difference is they don't personalize political views, not extremists, open minded.

Anonymous said...

I thought Democrats were supposed to be pro-Woman. Instead you spend half your post bashing her due to her husband's records and contributions. Basically, judging her on her husband's actions. How sexist.

The Lion Star said...

It's been a while, far too long in fact, since I've dusted off this oldie, but goodie...

But, go fuck yourself.

The Lion Star said...

Saying the truth about her voting record and their financial contributions isn't sexist. What would be sexist is if I didn't talk about it because she's a woman.

Anonymous said...

Jaime, who in your opinion needs to be running for that district?

Can a new up and comer take it?

The Lion Star said...

I don't live there so I would feel out of place saying who should and shouldn't run for that area.

But I will say that if there is not a candidate with high name ID and money, then an "up and comer" has a chance, but given the short turnaround it would only be in that narrow circumstance.

Anonymous said...

Jews supporting Trump. Let that sink in. Ironies of ironies. Not sure what's more offensive, that or James No Bond's silly unintentionally anti-Semitic flier. As for D8, she would fit right in with Trumpism. Her immediate family's ties to a DT hotel and westside hotel/condo development would benefit handsomely from an outright voting seat in city council.

Anonymous said...

Meyers, Fenenbock, Gaddy, ...... besides all these outsiders being intimately related and holding real estate interests downtown and supported the district 1 candidate Svarzbein, what else to these people have in common ?

The Lion Star said...

Oh, I know!

That you're a bigot!

Anonymous said...

Well, at least the Catholics caught a break on this one. Jewism has nothing to do with this. It's about power for individuals. The issue really is about not having enough new candidates. Nothing changes because of the small political pool and political inbreeding. And we wonder why there is so much confusion in El Paso politics.

Do I hear the banjo playing in the background, a man squealing like a pig. Deliverance-El Paso style.

Anonymous said...

So this Texas Van info is public?

The Lion Star said...

voting records are public, yes