Monday, April 10, 2017

Finance Reports - Quick Hits

Okay so the finance reports were released and I'll go over what they mean to local elections - and trust me, there are even implications with school board contributions. I'll get to that one later...

Lets start with the mayor's race. Here's what you need to know - the mayor's race and contributions - its pretty much the same as every poll I've heard about...Margo way out front and Saucedo and Acosta distantly behind. I've now heard of polls from 5 different sources, 3 of which are tied to campaigns. They vary a bit, but most of them have Dee Margo in the 40's and the nearest competitors in the low to mid 20's and all but one of them have Saucedo in second, followed by Acosta. One has Acosta second.

Margo is in a good place with money. He raised a ton and still has $90 Large sitting in the bank. Expect he and the boys at Forma to start filling mailboxes pretty soon. The scary thing for the other candidates is how much money he is still sitting on.

Saucedo and Acosta are in big trouble, although Acosta is in much more trouble. A two-term city rep is way behind and so broke she had to borrow money from family. Lots and lots of money. It's hard to see how she even makes a run-off at this point. And frankly, that tells you just how unpopular she really is. No one has hit her, and she's only had one negative story in the El Paso Times this election cycle - which was a self-inflicted wound. She essentially got caught telling a tall tale about her retirement and my camera happened to be running when she said it. Other than that, no one has hit her and she was already far behind. And she's a Latina Democrat in El Paso losing to two white Republicans.

Okay, one and a half. Dee Margo is rolling his "r" and talking about his Latino heritage lately.

The point is, the fact that she's so far behind in support and can't raise any money while facing those two candidates is a big indictment of her.

Think about how much of an indictment this is about Acosta. She's an Hispanic female, plenty of name ID, 8 years on council, in a very weak field of candidates. Probably the weakest we have ever seen run for mayor, and she can't raise any money or find any support. She's just not liked.

Saucedo is bleeding money to consultants...still. But a healthy chunk of that is going toward a field program, which is the one hail mary he has to force a run-off. That is Edgewise, or Chris Hernandez.

However he's feeling the heat and is doing something I've never seen done by a mayoral candidate. He's going to an entirely different town, Dallas, to have a fundraiser for his campaign. I guess if folks in your own town won't support you, then go somewhere that they will. All candidates take out of town money, I've just never seen a mayoral candidate have an entire fundraiser out of town before. Obviously they are feeling the heat.

Another weird thing, not of any real consequence but still strange, Saucedo didn't put addresses of any of the people on his expense report. Looks like they just blew it off, probably because they were trying to scramble to get it done.

Edgewise (Chris Hernandez) has a slate of three candidates running - David Saucedo, Jim Tolbert in District 2, and Sam Morgan in District 4. He had a candidate in District 3 as well, but she let him go many months ago.

Saucedo is by far paying him the most and is obviously the most difficult campaign to run, not sure how he has time to give 100% to the rest of the slate of candidates, but he's most definitely putting in time for Jim Tolbert. We'll talk about that another time though.

Thats all for the mayoral stuff for now. I'll do something on the finance reports for the individual city council races later, like an interesting tidbit about who one mayoral candidate donated to in the city council elections...

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Anonymous said...

Saucedo is this wannabe highroller who wants to pretend hes an elite Republican oil business man. How in the hell did he figure this would help his image considering how poor people are here. He thinks being Latino precludes him from criticism from other latinos, but the truth is that he has much more in common with rich Fresa Mexicans than he does with anyone else. Hes more interested in Juarez, which is why his emphasis is on the bridges rather than in his own district or with taxpayers here.