Tuesday, April 18, 2017

First D8 Candidates Emerge

Two candidates for the seat left vacant by Cortney Niland have emerged. There will likely be more, but in the mean time Gilbert Guillen and Cissy Lizarraga are both considering a bid for the seat once the filing window opens.

What is interesting is that both candidates have the capacity to raise money, or self-fund. Its been a while since a Latino candidate in the area could do so.

Both names are probably familiar to you, Gilbert Guillen is one of the key property owners in the on-going controversy over the downtown arena location. The challenge for him is that he has to have a message other than just Duranguito, Duranguito, Duranguito, if he wants to really get the support of voters on the westside to vote for him.

Cissy Lizarraga is the spouse of Judge Marcos Lizarraga and has been active in the local Democratic Party for years. Lizarraga beat an Hispanic female for his seat the first time and the campaign was a family affair. So Lizarraga has campaigned before and has a frame of reference when it comes to campaigning.

Expect a lot more candidates to throw their hats in the ring.


Anonymous said...

what makes people think they can create good policies here? can any of people honestly say they're not going to keep on exhausting the tax base?

Augustus Snodgrass said...

Cissy is a retired Educator, and at her age, I imagine her involvement in City Politics is to help strengthen the city and neighborhood she lives in. I am sure others will jump in for Niland's spot, however Lizarraga has my Vote.

She is a graduate of Loretto Academy, UTEP, and worked for many years in Education at the High School level. She, and her daughters, are hard workers and know how to campaign. As she demonstrated when her husband ran for Judge. She comes from an old El Paso family, with a customs brokerage business founded by her father and which her brother has carried the tradition on. The Joe Alcantar Walkway at the Plaza Theatre--her brother is Joe Alcantar.

At least she brings honesty and no hidden agendas, unlike many of the other and previous City Council Members.