Friday, April 14, 2017

Friday Fun With Mail

Well I made fun of yet another mail screw-up by Forma a while back, and one done by Jaime Barceleau as well, so I guess its only fair I mention everyone's.

Shocker...its David Saucedo.

Someone explain to this genius that the city has PD and the County has the SO.

But hey, maybe Saucedo is giving up and has his eye set on County Judge or something. Why else would his campaign team pull a Forma and send mail outside the area he's running in?

Yep, unless he's running for Mayor of Socorro, they screwed up. And by they, I mean whoever did his mail universe. The Easter "Bun"-ny. See what I did there?

What makes it more funny is that he addresses the mail piece, "Fellow El Pasoan".

I wonder why he didn't use "World-Famous West Texas El Pasoan"?

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