Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Gettin' Gangsta....Even the District Clerk

Well with Early Voting starting next week we are starting to see things heat up and some people are gettin' ganagsta with it on the campaign trail.

Expect to see things heat up in every race this week.

It ranges from just a little competitive campaigning, to sharp messaging, to a spouse and elected official unleashing a personal attack on her husband's opponent.

Here's a shot of Shane Haggerty block walking, which I assume was recently. Even when he's trolling he's polite.

Team Man-Bun is gonna be pissed, but I was able to get my hands on what looks like a draft of a mailer that has or will soon, be hitting mail boxes.

I don't know if this is one or two different mailers. At first I thought the bottom one was a picture of Jim Tolbert, but its actually Dee Margo with a little tiny baby Trump on his shoulder.

The El Paso Democratic Party and the Tejano Democrats also got into the mix and created an ad that is floating around social media that apparently shows that pic of Dee Margo is pretty popular.

But the most gangsta of all was last night during the D3 debate on Newschannel 9. Norma Favela, spouse of Jaime Barceleau chimed in to attack her husband's opponent during the live stream. That was a really big risk because she pretty much pulled a Chris Hernandez and asked a question knowing full well everyone knows she's the spouse of a candidate.

I was surprised that an elected official would take a shot like that at a candidate in a race they aren't a part of. Its just opens a can of worms when you do something like that, especially when you're the District know, the person with access to all kinds of legal documents...not smart. Should've had someone else plant that question. And it would have saved me from trolling directly under her question. Those of you in the know think thats funny as shit right?

If you haven't figured it out, she was referring to D3 candidate Cassandra Brown. I guess they haven't realized that going to the dark side this late in the game often back-fires. Its also bad political karma. Favela had some potentially ugly personal stuff leveled at her the first time she ran, so I'm surprised a woman would to that to another woman, especially one that has been through it before. Another avoidable mistake and self-inflicted wound by an elected. But hey, like they say...all is fair in love and war.

Or so they say...

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