Thursday, April 20, 2017

Interesting Endorsement for Barceleau

I was checking out Jaime Barceleau's website and I came across a list of people that have endorsed him. I mostly thought it was funny because he did what I expected him to do...he listed his spouse as an endorsement.

I wonder if the endorsement still stands?

But as I looked more closely I noticed something that was actually pretty damn interesting to me. As you can see in this screen shot I highlighted the name of Senator Jose Rodriguez. Well Rodriguez and his wife are pretty opposed to the downtown arena. Carmen Rodriguez is one of the main people circulating a petition against the arena.

The senator has come out against it. One of his staffers wrote an editorial piece about it last week calling for it to be moved somewhere else.

But Barceleau is one of the very few people running for office who publicly supports the arena in the current location. He's been pretty adamant about it.

How adamant?

Remember this video?


Anonymous said...

This is arrogance in its finest hour. Vote for this guy and you will see what is wrong with El Paso. How dare the people question me !
70% of the voters ? An average of 30% of El Paso votes.

This guy comes across as cold, indifferent to people and self centered. I wouldn't for him even if he was the only one on the ballot.

Thank you posting the video.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, He is correct in saying 70% of the voters. He did not say 70% of eligible voters. So while only 30% of eligible El Pasoans vote, 70% of those voters did vote for the downtown multipurpose performing arts center.

The Lion Star said...

Well if the rest of El Paso felt that strongly against it, maybe they would have actually voted. But they didn't. So they can't really bitch if they never voted against it. Next time, vote.

And where do you get the assumption that the election would've been any different if everyone had voted? What facts are you basing that on? What would make you believe the vote would break down any differently than the way it did?

Anonymous said...

Omg, time to make gif

Anonymous said...

No dispute there is no proof that if evertyone had voted it would have been any different.

Two things it is playing with semantics and this why people should vote. Shouldn't complain if they're not voting. It's the usual nonsense people don't vote and then complain. The people that are hurt are the residents, our living history. I'm not talking about some guy slept here. I'm talking about this area is where we came from, it's our "Chinatown" to showcase.

It would have a lot more honest if he stated X number of people voted for it and that's the basis.