Thursday, April 20, 2017

Morgan's Margo Money

Morgan took $500 check from Republican Mayoral candidate Dee Margo
For some reason candidate for mayor Dee Margo donated money to Sam Morgan's campaign. Sam Morgan has listed as his top achievement the rebirth of the Northeast Democrats. He has been endorsed by the Northeast Democrats and the Black El Paso Democrats.

The donation to Morgan's campaign wasn't the only donation that a Democrat has received from a Republican. Its quite common-place in El Paso. That, in and of itself, its that much of a big deal.

But what does underscore the controversy of the donation is that Margo is running for mayor. Morgan is in the back pocket of Max Grossman and his Do-ruhn-geee-toe click, but Dee Margo is 100% in favor of the downtown arena. That is interesting, but still not the most controversial thing about the donation.

The most controversial thing about the donation is that he hasn't given it back to Dee Margo yet.

Sometimes an unsavory person donates feria to your campaign. Happens all the time. The Gandara family, or G-Unit as they are affectionately known these days, donated money to Congressman Reyes when he was in his last campaign. Shit hit the fan with Willie Jr and they were gonna return the money, eventually. Recently Hanks ISD trustee candidate Leila Melendez took a contribution from a vato that bribed Sal Mena in the public corruption scandal (then said she didn't know he was in the scandal) and said she was have to think about it but would probably return the money. Point is, its common place to return money depending on the circumstances.

Here is a screenshot of the donation from Margot on Morgan's campaign finance report.

The fact that Dee Margo referred to the border wall as a "Freedom Fence" as some magical and whimsical structure that practically sings when the air goes through it was an insult to this community.

I, along with many other Chicanos, was offended by the sheer ignorance of the remark, followed by the use of the term "illegal".

How a minority candidate and Democrat like Sam Morgan decides to keep a donation from Dee Margo after those ignorant and shame remarks is beyond me. I've been thinking about it and the fact that he hasn't returned that contribution after Margo made such a terrible statement is unacceptable.

Jaime Barceleau also took a contribution from one of the Margo's but I don't know if its Dee or his kid that said Dee was too good for El Paso. But if you if Barceleau took a contribution from Margo and hasn't given it back, PEOR! Lol, just kidding. This is exactly the kind of crap I expect from Barceleau.

Sam...come on vato...think about all the Latinos you're aspiring to represent. Return that donation and send the message that you don't stand with that type of ignorant and divisive rhetoric.

I can't believe someone has to even bring it to your attention. Should be a no-brainer.

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