Friday, April 28, 2017

Opinion: Saucedo Devoid of Leadership

The latest very sad development from the on-going Boys & Girls Club financial crisis underscores why Saucedo is such a terrible choice for mayor. Here is a story in the El Paso Times today.

Basically here's a synopsis of the situation. David Saucedo has been on the board for about a decade and was the board president for the last year when the economic shit hit the fan.

Saucedo brought in the Executive Director, his buddy from Cathedral Dr. Joseph Villescas. Many board members didn't want him but Saucedo insisted. There were documented problems for a couple years, so it was most certainly under Saucedo's watch.

Then when all hell breaks loose, Saucedo decides to distance himself from the problem because he knows how bad it makes him look. He blames it on basically everyone but him.

That is not a character you want in a mayor. That is not leadership.

But it gets better. Saucedo further digs his hole by essentially saying he didn't know anything about financial woes at the non-profit. This says more about his leadership than anything else. First of all, how can you not be aware of a board's financials if you are a board member? Are you not paying attention in meetings? Are you not reading the financial reports? What are you doing as a board member if you don't know basic financial information that any nonprofit shares with its board members?

More importantly, who do you expect people to believe that as Board President you didn't know?! He's either lying or completely inept. Since we are talking about Davide Saucedo here, either is feasible.

But seriously, as Board President you are the direct link between the Executive Director, the CFO, the COO, etc. Any decisions that are made go to you as the president first before the are taken to the board. You're the guy that should be asking for the financials, the bank statements, and the reports. Hell as the President you have the authority to go to the financial institution personally to get whatever financials you need.

So just to recap - the organization he says he cared so much for that is in financial ruins at this point is in major trouble and what is Saucedo doing to help?

Absolutely nothing but making excuses about how its not his fault, but nothing to actually fix the situation.

Thats not leadership and most certainly not an improvement in city leadership. We already have enough people who are quick to absolve themselves of accountability, take credit, and do nothing to make government better, why do we need another one?


Anonymous said...

What are polls actually saying?

The Lion Star said...

The only polls I am aware of are run by the individual campaigns - therefore I don't believe them lol.

Anonymous said...

There are many, many board members in this town who have no business experience and believe that their job as board members is to spend the money. I've been on those boards where you have to fight the board members to be fiscally responsible. There were people on the Boys and Girls Club Board who had a sense that things were going wrong. But evidently Saucedo chose not to listen because of his lack of understanding of fiduciary responsibility. And now he is running for mayor? Now that's scary.