Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Slogans & Shitting on Your Endorsements & More...

Lots of odds and ends today and lets do this one potpourri style.

First, Jud Burgess is a big baby. If you missed Channel 9's debates they are doing on the municipal candidates, you should watch them on FB. They are great and they are really making an effort to cover local campaigns in a way that TV in town has never really been committed to, so kudos to them. Every day this week they will be doing a different race, so last night was D2 - tonight is D3 - tomorrow D4 - and D7 the next night.

Last night Jud Burgess was having his way with Jim Tolbert. He nailed Tolbert and the station didn't let Tolbert get away with that they have been telling people at the door about how there's no problems with Tolbert because the ethics complaint was thrown out. They put that issue to rest pretty well, though I fully expect Tolbert to go back to that message at the door when no one is looking. Burgess even did a good job of nailing Tolbert on the fact that he destroyed public records when he deleted text messages. Hard to talk about being the champion of ethics and transparency when you're under investigation by the Texas Rangers and have admitted to destroying pubic records.

I asked a question on the FB feed and that is when Burgess showed he's a little baby that shouldn't be taken seriously. He had a total fit when I asked a question about the city manager. Burgess basically answered any question that had anything to do with experience or city policy with an "I don't know, I'm not the city representative" cop-out. It doesn't surprise me that he doesn't know the answers, hell he's never actually voted in a municipal election before so he may not have even mastered voting for himself yet. And he clearly doesn't know finance law. Or what to do about the city manager or the discretionary funds budget, a whole host of other things. So its good that he admits it, its just a giant cop-out to say you don't know because you aren't elected yet. You don't know because you haven't researched. Anywho, his little tantrum was classic and its indicative of his temperament. Jud, we both know you're reading this. I get it, you like to be critical of everyone else and have really thin skin and don't like when you're scrutinized, but understand this...you're supposed to be. You're a candidate for office. So I'm supposed to ask you tough questions and be critical. You volunteered for this, no one put a gun to your head. Now man-up and stop being a big baby...there is still a few weeks until election day so you're undoubtedly going to be somewhere that I get to ask you a substantive question in public, so get used to the idea. I've been doing this over a decade, I ain't going no where buddy.


Slogans are stupid and people spend way too much time thinking about them when they become candidates. Everyone thinks a slogan is going to take them to the promised land and insist on putting their dumb slogan on everything. Slogans take up valuable real estate on signs and are a complete waste. I once saved my friend Mayela from the all-time worst slogan when she ran for city hall - "unity in the community".

I know, awful right?

Well some of the candidates running have some pretty bad ones this go around. I normally save this for award season after the elections, but spoiler alert: Chris Anchondo is in the early lead for a really stupid slogan.

I mean even for judicial candidates, its a terrible slogan.

"Let justice prevail"

What the fuck? What does that even mean as a campaign slogan? I hope that was some back-of-a-bar napkin idea that happened somewhere before last call and after some shitty nachos at that over-rated shithole hipster dwelling called The Tap. At least then I could understand its origin.

Next in line, Sam Morgan. "A New Northeast Vibe". Thats not a campaign slogan, its a really cool name for a Jazz band. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Sam Morgan and the New Northeast Vibe! Sam's a bud and an Airborne brother, but I don't know what he was thinking when he came up with that one. Doesn't convey a message at all.

And then there is the Grand Poobah of shitty campaign slogans - Jaime Favela. Its not that his are bad, he uses traditional stuff like "leadership you can trust" and "commitment" and "character".

Again, its not that they are bad...its that he's the last person that should be using words like trust, commitment, and character. I know a lot about that guy, have it in black and white, I assure you that the word trust, commitment, and character don't belong in the same sentence with Jaime Barceleau unless there is the phrase "devoid of any" before them.

Here is what his last mailer should have really said:

Shitting on Your Endorsements

At the mayoral forum today David Saucedo said something very funny...He said since we don't pay our police officers enough, that is why the creme de la creme got to CBP and other federal jobs and we're left with what we have." Zas, thats gacho.

Not exactly a compliment to our boys in blue...


Anonymous said...

lol, he has some nerve. He's not exactly cream of the crop.

Sure the local police get paid less but then the cola is low in El Paso. If it hasn't been already,the contract should state the officers have to stay on the EPPD for X number of years after training.

Anonymous said...

thanks for calling him out on the issue of trust, commitment and character.

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