Monday, April 3, 2017

Soco Being Loco Again...

City Rep Maria Reyes
Actually its not Socorro, I shouldn’t say that. Its not accurate. The reality is that this is exactly what I said it was a couple of weeks ago, a personal ploy on the part of Socorro City Rep Maria Reyes, at the expense of tax payers. 

She should be ashamed of herself. 

It takes an especially bad person to make me actually come to the defense of a Gandara…and Jesse Gandara at that. 

First, let me lay out the facts of what they are doing. 

And shocker, once again it has to do with an agenda item. The item is to start yet another investigation at the City of Socorro, having to do with people who are no longer on council and other than Mayor Rodriguez, haven't been on council for about 4 years now. 

Here’s a look at the agenda item:

One the one hand, its a major freakin’ improvement over the movida they did a couple of weeks ago where Reyes succeeded in railroading her nemesis. I told you then it was personal. And what is worse about it was the level of secrecy in which the action was taken. They never once in open session ever discussed what she was accused of. It was a big secret, which is clue number one when something bad - and in my opinion, corrupt - is going on. 

Reyes isn’t putting her name on these items for the express purpose of not wanting it to appear like she has a personal beef going on. I did an open records request awhile back of all communication between three members of council on this item. So that means ALL their communication, to include text messages on their personal cell phones, not just their work phones. 

Any electronic device where communication between them on the agenda item I asked for exists. I even reminded them it was against the law to delete a public document after a request for the document has been made. 

The timing of the issue is what is most interesting here. Why is this issue being raised now? What is the benefit to the people of Socorro? 

The answer is simple, because Reyes thinks she has the votes to pull it off like she had the votes to get rid of Rodriguez. Pulling Socorro’s dark ugly past back into the fore-front serves no good for the people of Socorro. It doesn’t change or fix anything. 

Frankly all this does is jeopardize the legal position of Socorro. The bar tab for Maria Reyes’ personal beef is getting pretty high. How much are the people of Socorro willing to pay for it?

So far its about $20-25K for the special election. Then you have to figure how much its going to cost when Rodriguez and her lawyer sue the City of Socorro. It’ll never see the inside of a courtroom because the city is going to choose to settle the lawsuit rather than roll the dice. But since the city doesn’t have in-house attorneys, if it doesn’t get settled then there will be a cost for the city to contract an attorney or firm to represent them in court on the matter. 

And that is just dealing with Rodriguez. Then there’s Jesse. He’s broke. He owes money. He’s gonna see a major payday in front of him if they move forward on an item like that. Then Reyes will be responsible for making tax payers have to pay up to Jesse Gandara, after all the crap he’s put that city through already. 

Bad people make policy decisions based on personal vendettas and its shameful that it is being allowed to continue. Maria Reyes owes an apology to the citizens of Socorro that will be burdened with paying her political bar tab at closing time…

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