Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Tax Documents Dispute Saucedo Claim

The latest available tax records for the Boys & Girls Club of El Paso that just today entered a partnership with the YMCA to ensure solvency amid an ecumenic crisis at the local non-profit indicate that they had financial woes since 2014.

Mayoral candidate David Saucedo has distanced himself from the controversy stating that during his tenure they had "an amazing record-breaking golf tournament" and that he "left the Club ready for success" when asked about the controversy might have some more explaining to do.

This is a copy of the organization's 990 form from 2014 and is the most recent public record available for the organizations finances. I've highlighted line 19.

Here is a closer look at that particular section:

As this document clearly indicates, the organization was already having severe financial problems going back to 2014, running into debt of over $137,000 in one year and over $30,000 in another. 

Mr. Saucedo indicated that he has been a member of the Board at the Boys & Girls Club for previous decade prior to his resignation to run for mayor of El Paso, so this was most certainly under Mr. Saucedo's watch. 

Saucedo alleges in an interview previously posted on this blog, along with his paid staffers, that the controversy is "a political hit" orchestrated by members of the Foundation Board, which is a separate entity than the Boys & Girls Club, and points to donations from Foundation Board members to the Dee Margo mayoral campaign. 

More on tis developing issue later... 


Chris Hernandez said...

Hey bro, why don't you release the entire 990? And while you're at it have a professional tax accountant explain what it all means.

The Lion Star said...

Oh, so we are copying what we put on Facebook now?

Okay, I'll play.

You're right bro. It's all a conspiracy. I made the whole thing up...

Because in other parts of the document it says that line 19 isn't real and that they were never in debt. And a professional tax accountant will tell you I clearly photoshopped 2014 on the document and the signature isn't Joseph Villescas, it's really mine. I did it with my left hand.

You caught me.

Obviously. I mean the line that says they were over $130k in debt is an obvious forgery.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a total jerk. This is really sad. This hurts poor kids and he can't even take responsibility?

Can't manage money and can't admit when he is wrong, that is a disaster waiting to happen. Thank you Jamie for exposing this. It has changed my vote. He has nice kids working for him and I feel lied to by them. I guess it's Acosta or that young lady now.

Anonymous said...

Why is Chris Hernandez still talking? Doesn't he understand how dumb he looks and that he makes people not want to vote for his candidates? I wish he would shut up and get a real job!

Central El Paso

The Lion Star said...

I have to defend Chris here. He gets paid to do what he does and he's a hard worker. It's not easy to run one candidate much less three. He is also consulting for Jim Tolbert and Sam Morgan, both of whom are in competitive races. Yes, he should understand that a good consultant is someone that doesn't get his candidate in trouble with his mouth, but he does have a real job and the fact that he has several candidates shows they have faith in him.

Your Pal,


Anonymous said...

Saucedo, Tolbert and Morgan?

Is he TRYING to have the crappiest candidates for El Paso on purpose?

You're not helping him Lion, you should probably shut up too!

The Lion Star said...

Go fuck yourself.

Your pal,