Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Bad News About the Mayoral Election

The funny and sad thing about this election is that it might be the first time that the mayoral candidates were so shitty that they suppressed voter turnout in other races.

Seriously, how bad are things when a guy who has never won an election like Jeremy Jordan is actually getting paid to be a political consultant? I mean what would you pay the guy for, being douchey and not knowing anything about campaigns? If they pay people for not knowing anything about campaigning then they should hire Daniel Lopez.

Anywho, I was thinking about who I am going to vote for in the mayoral election since early voting has started. After long thought and deep consideration I have finally made up my mind.

Willie Cager.

He's the only candidate I can vote for and still look myself in the mirror. Emma Acosta has a demonstrated track record of being bad for El Paso - and now calling the undocumented "illegal" has sunk her to a new low.

No self-respecting Democrat who believes in the values and principles of the Democratic Party should vote for her after that.

Dee Margo, two words - Freedom Fence. Two more words, Riff-raff and illegals.

David Saucedo - dangerously unqualified, arrogant, out-of-touch, and a failure at anything related to finance of large sums of money. Of all the candidates, he's the worst for El Paso.

Elisa Morales - hasn't really lived in El Paso in her adult life. You shouldn't vote for people that just moved back to El Paso or the district for the sake of running for office.

So why have I decided to vote for Cager? Simple.

The kids.

See what I did there? Just kidding. I'm voting for Cager because all the candidates suck, they are an embarrassment to El Paso and I'd seriously hate to see any of them sitting in the middle at council meetings.

At least I can say that Willie Cager has done something positive for El Paso. Also, he let me see his two rings.

And now here is the point to the title of this post. The bad news (scary if you ask me) is that while its pretty much universally agreed that this pack of mayoral candidates are the worst to run for anything, including a Socorro mayoral election...

...someone has to actually win.

Holy shitty candidates Batman, someone has to win!

It honestly keeps me up at night knowing one of these fools is going to be the mayor.

I don't think I can stomach that. And I have a lot of stomach.

And now, fun with signs.

This first one is just funny.

Also, you can't put up a campaign sign on anything funded by the public.

You too Dee Margo, Riverside Middle is also funded by the taxpayers.


Rye Winterweet said...

Willie Cager got my vote!

Elisa Morales said...

Good Afternoon Jaime,

I totally agree with you; the people we elect to represent us need to have a really tight grasp on all of El Paso. I hope that you are not forgetting that I was fortunate enough to be able to move back to El Paso for a great job working at a local mental health hospital. My title was 'Community Liaison' which entailed that on a daily basis I was liaising between our hospital and local PD, local hospitals, EPISD and YISD (doing things from suicide prevention presentations to students to meeting with school administration regarding out of school education for students admitted to our hospital), local healthcare providers, nursing homes and assisted living facilities, non-profits, you name it.

When I went to D.C. I assisted on the Mental Health Reform Act S.2680 while I was a fellow in Sen. Alexander's office (original sponsor of the bill). It was a great opportunity to leverage insight I gained while working in El Paso while working with policy wonks that may have never worked in the field. Especially in the area of mental health parity in terms of insurance benefits, my utility in assisting on that bill came from my work in El Paso. Now, I want to leverage what I have learned in D.C. (especially as an Appropriations Staffer) back in El Paso.

In any case, I can't think of a nicer person than Willie to lose a vote to.

-Elisa Morales

The Lion Star said...

Fair enough Ms. Morales, but what you're talking about having learned was from a Republican senator. I checked your voting history in San Antonio because I can't find a voting history for you here in El Paso, and it was entirely Republican.

So is that what you're going to leverage?

Elisa Morales said...

Absolutely! As someone who worked in higher education and in healthcare, working in the Chairman's office for any Senate Committee carries an immense honor and requires a certain caliber of person. I was in the highest Congressional Office for education and healthcare, and learned a great deal. What I learned from Sen Alexander was how to be a good states-person, he is a man that has worked in a bipartisan fashion to get things done (look at the bill and you will see there are just about equal D's as there are R's), another example is the bipartisan ESSA, he was part of the original 'Gang of 8' in the Senate, and re the mental health bill, mental health parity is a bi-partisan issue. Don't forget that I get to leverage my experience working with Sen. Udall (a senior, and progressive, Dem senator from our neighboring NM). I get to leverage the knowledge I gained as his health, education, and social security, Indian Healthcare, Bureau of Indian Ed, and Appropriations Staffer. It was in his office that we ensured that the FY17 Appropriations Budget contained money for rural health, money for ed for disadvantaged students, HSIs, etc, in a bi-partisan managers package.
Re my voting record, it is not straight Republican. I have been very upfront to say that I am an independent, a true issues voter. I vote R, D, and independent in national, state, and local elections, even if it was in San Antonio. All of this to say, this is another reason why I am running for Mayor: it is a non-partisan race that allows me to put the needs of the community over party. To be able to say I am an independent is backed by my very unique experience to have worked for both a Republican and a Democrat in the US Senate. Also, my fellowship was through the Congressional Hispanic Caucus which, while bi-partisan, is very left.

Thank you for the dialogue. As you know, I have been left out of a lot of media coverage, and I truly appreciate the opportunity to expand more on this.

The Lion Star said...

Just for clarification - you said you "vote R, D, and independent in national, state, and local elections..." but your voting record reflects that the only primaries you've ever voted in are Republican.

Anonymous said...

Cager's senile. We've got a senile president, and we can see how that's working out.