Thursday, April 27, 2017

This is Why Jaime is a Joke...

Sorry hater-nation, I'm not talking about Yours Truly.

I'm talking about Jaime Barceleau.

I have a gentlemen's bet with a buddy of mine who is going to need to be consoled when he's gonna have to pay up with Jaime Barceleau doesn't make the run-off.

Yeah, I'm completely aware that he has all the money.

I'm also aware of the fact that he's another Jimmy Suerkin.

By the way, what ever happened to that guy? He's still a political reference point as someone who should've won and found a way to lose.

If he were still around, Chris Hernandez would do his field and Forma Group would be over charging him for shitty mail and a social media page that is free.

Anywho, the run-off is going to be between Cassandra Brown and Antonio Williams.

And trust me...that run-off is gonna get DIRTY.

But before the run-off, let me explain why Jaime Barceleau is going to be a bigger loser than Jaime O. Perez....

Just kidding, no one is a bigger loser than Jaime O. Perez.

Jaime Barceleau actually spent money spent money on a mailer of his wife endorsing him.

Yes, you read that correctly....

He spent money telling voters that his wife likes him.

Well no shit!

I freaking hope your own spouse would vote for you.

The point is, District Clerk Norma Favela should start to consider how much political capital she's spending on her husband's plan to use the fact that he's been her plus one to get elected.

I know she puts a lot of stock into those Favorite Elected Official contests she strong-arms her staff into going to so they will vote for her, but surely she knows that wining one of those awards is like Saucedo buying the cover a fashion magazine right?

Seriously...who the hell spends money on a mailer saying that their wife supports them?

Even by El Paso standards - that is a waste of political money.

Favela has to understand that she has to be concerned about how much damage she's doing to herself here. She actually went after Cassandra Brown's criminal record during one of the KTSM Facebook Live debates. That doesn't make her look very good.

Favela is over-playing her own popularity. She holds a glorified department head position no one gives a shit about, which is why its so easy to get reelected to those types of positions. Its not because you're super popular and have tremendous influence.

So remember ladies and gentlemen, your District Clerk endorses a man who treats people like this:


Anonymous said...

omg when i need a laugh and smile i just go to the last 20 secs. hilariously immortal.

Edgar Rangel said...

Barceleau today stated that he voted for Dee Margo and is proud of it because Margo had always been nice to him, and even admitted that Margo donated to his campaign. This is an active Democratic chairperson stating he supports a republican. A Tejano Democrat supporting a Republican, I wonder if that's cool with the Tejanos? not with me that's for sure.