Friday, April 21, 2017

Tolbert's Lies & Weird Mailer

Its the most bizarre mailer I've ever seen. One side, is downright creepy. The other side is downright silly.

Embattled City Rep Jim Tolbert, who may end up being re-elected despite a cloud hanging over his head with an on-going criminal investigation by law enforcement.

Okay lets start with the weird side. What is with putting a picture of your opponents, and then not putting a picture of your opponents by blurring them out? Thats not me blurring them out by the way. It was sent out like that!

Also, how much of a hypocrite is Tolbert? He was a blogger himself!

What are they in the witness protection program or something?

So weird.

This is when campaign staff should save the candidate from themselves.

Then there is the other side.

You should wear boots to protect your feet from all the bullshit falling off of that side of the mailer. For the life of me I don't know how he can say some of the stuff he says with a straight face. Several times he talks about factions, not being a puppet, and how someone else was recruited to fill someone else's agenda.

Can we just tell the truth here?

He talking about Susie Byrd.

He's mad because Susie Byrd isn't supporting him anymore. Now when he ran last time he was perfectly happy to take her help and be part of her "faction". That support isn't there anymore and NOW he has a problem with factions and agendas? Seriously, that is some next-level hypocrisy.

I can't even comprehend how he can go there.

But it gets better...

If you'll take note of the part that I circled..."has been and always will be in full compliance with all transparency rules..."


It takes a lot of balls to have the title be The Truth & The Facts and then proceed to put a lot of stuff that is just flat-out false.

Seriously Jim...everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but YOU ADMITTED YOU DELETED TEXT MESSAGES. We don't have to wait for the investigation by law enforcement to know that you haven't been and always will be in full compliance blah blah blah...because you yourself admitted you did something that is not in full compliance with transparency rules.

Thats not counting the fact that there are text messages that show, allegedly, that you were made aware of how many members of council were at that now-infamous meeting...and you still wanted to be there.

And its not counting the video of you all going into city hall and the mayor's office.


Anonymous said...

Tolbert has gone negative, a sign he's desperate.

David Crowder said...

Jaime --- You keep referring to the ongoing investigation like it's money laundering or some sexual offense of high moral turpitude and not a possible walking quorum that has been prosecuted maybe once in the 40 years
since the passage of the Open Meetings Act. That's just a guess, but only one case ever gets cited. And then, there is word that the Rangers aren't too interested in this because they have bigger fish to fry than five tadpoles in a huddle.