Friday, April 14, 2017

Uh-Oh, Busted!

This isn't illegal.

It's just straight-up stupid amateur kid games.

This is a recording of an altercation between campaign staff that involved the camps of Tolbert and Annello but Jud Burgess was largely the catalyst.

The consultant for David Saucedo / Jim Tolbert / Sam Morgan, Chris Hernandez got busted posing as a concerned citizen at a forum and didn't disclose that he was actually an operative of Jim Tolbert. I'm told he did the same thing for Sam Morgan at a candidate forum in the northeast in which he led an attack on Diana Ramos.

The game being played here is an old one. You plant someone in the audience to ask a softball question for your candidate or to whack the opposition. Not illegal, just sorta dirty pool.

But mostly, it's just stupid. Normally you get someone no one will recognize, not an operative that loves attention. Which is Chris' problem. He forgets the candidate should get the attention, not the VAN monkey.

So here's what happened - Hernández tosses a softball to Tolbert and pretends to not know Tolbert. When Jud Burgess starts to answer, Hernández cuts him off and basically calls him a failure because the ethics complaint that he filed against Tolbert was dismissed.

Which is complete bullshit and Hernández's bullshit is going to bite Jim in the ass. Hernández implies that it was dismissed because the complaint lacks merit. Uh, no vato. It was dismissed because Burgess was alleging a crime. I told Burgess publicly that if he felt so strong about it he should take it to the DA, but he basically wanted to pull a Tolbert and file the ethics complaint for attention.

But, ultimately it went to the DA and now Jim Tolbert is the subject of a criminal investigation. No matter how Tolbert's Spicer tries to spin it. The Texas Rangers don't investigate expired parking meters or jaywalking. They want people to believe it's not a big deal, but it's way more than what Larry Romero was accused of doing. And more importantly, it could lead to a vancancy in office and a special election at your expense.

During their back and forth, Commissioner Stout's staffer Alberto Halpern called out Hernández for his little movida. Halpern is dating Alexsanda Annello, an opponent of Tolbert. Hernández briefly worked for Stouts campaign until Stout upgraded to the varsity team.

In the back and forth between Hernández, Burgess, and Halpern you can hear Hernández deny that there is on on-going criminal investigation of Tolbert. Listen for yourself, you don't have to take my word for it.

And the spin from Tolbert's camp? He hasn't been interviewed or charged yet.

As if either of those points means that there isn't an investigation.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Take note of when shit hits the fan. You won't hear a peep from Jim Tolbert. He'll bitch about not getting a free steak, calling a constituent an asshole, and not getting enough credit for something, but when he and his operative are, cricket.



Anonymous said...

It should be illegal to be that much of a douchebag.

What an asshole. Jim better explain this or he has lost my vote. His people knocked on my door and said the investigation was all a bunch of lies. This is how he campaigns? Jim told me he had to fire that guy as his assistant. I'm so disappointed.

The Lion Star said...

Hernández resigned from what I was told. If he's working for Tolbert again I doubt he was fired.

Anonymous said...

Tolbert just needs to go. He put the w in weasel.

Planting someone in the crowd is bad enough but not much worse than prroviding questions in advance then calling a forum. The real test should sealed questions and the envelop is secured until the debate. Watch the stuttering, evasion and look of horror when the questions are asked.

Anonymous said...

What a clown. There's no way people actually pay this fool money. It makes Jim look bad. Hell all his candidates look bad now. What a slime ball.

Jud Burgess said...

Chris Hernandez and so-called “political consultants” are the very reason I chose to do my campaign all on my own.

After the forum (which was held by a dear friend of Tolbert’s, Madeline Haddad, whom you can hear adding to Tolbert’s answer in the recording) Man Bun and I spoke about the back and forth we had and he basically said in politics there are only wins and failures which I assume makes him a loser.

Tolbert for whatever reason always seems to be having his strings pulled by someone be it Byrd or Man Bun.

As far as I’m concerned, there are no clear wins or losses in politics. If I win or lose, I can sleep at night because in the end, I’ll have done it 100% my way...not some know-nothing political tool’s way like Chris Hernandez who isn’t even good at asking questions.

P.S. You should have gotten the rest of the recording where I used his question to once again nail Tolbert on all the sins he’s committed during his first 8 months as a City Council rep.

I’d say I got the better end of the plants plan to make me look bad.

The Lion Star said... mentioned the amount of money you spent fighting the bond. I've raised this issue before Mr. Burgess, but how come you failed to report the money you spent? You're required to by law. At this point, you're subject to...wait for ethics complaint!

Jud Burgess said...

Because I was a citizen, not a politician running for office.

I was spending my own money as a citizen paying Facebook to run my blogposts, printing Fenenbucks and Cabrera Bucks and producing signage.

I wasn’t running for office or even contemplating it. I have a right to challenge political entities with my personal money any way I want to as long as I'm not running for office...the same as you do.

Now that I’m running for City Council, I am reporting every dollar given to me and every expense I incur as required by law.

The Lion Star said...

Unfortunately Mr. Burgess, that. Is incorrect. You made expenditures of a political nature against an item on the ballot. Being a private citizen doesn't relieve you of an obligation to be transparent about the expenditures. You're open to an ethics violation yourself. Your argument that you don't have to be transparent about expressly political expenditures because you're a private citizen simply doesn't hold water. I wouldn't be surprised if Hernandez filed an ethics complaint against you. I think some of the designs featuring candidates from other races also should be reported.

Jud Burgess said...

Are you reporting your expenditures on your political blog? Every post you make has to do with local politics and upcoming elections.

Are you reporting all the dark money you receive from local pols for posting your biased blog topics? Based on your description above I or anyone else can file an ethics complaint on your for the same reasons...

You are spending money after all. Same thing.

Back to the Radford Hills Association forum...Hernandez also went off on a neighbor who is a veteran and challenged Jim Tolbert’s anti-wall answer to a question. The neighbor directly and angrily took Tolbert on with his own personal pro-wall opinions and Tolbert’s plant, Hernandez jumped right in and began a silly and loud argument with this guy also. This was prior to the recording you’ve posted.

This guy could not have been more obvious.

As a matter of fact, I am beginning to wonder if Tolbert didn’t also conspire with Madeline Haddox, who arranged the forum, to answer specific questions without my prior knowledge, giving him the advantage.

The way she interjected and added to his answer on the recording would make it likely. My theory only.

The Lion Star said...

A publication expressing an opinion on a candidate, topic, news item, or current event doesn't fall under reporting requirements.

I have no expenses related to this publication. It is on a free platform.

You're alleging I receive "dark money" as though its fact, and doing so recklessly. You might want to make yourself familiar with slander and libel. But as a point of fact, no one pays me to write anything, regardless of what you think. Your opinion on the matter means absolute shit to me.

As for biased blog topics I would like to point out three things to you...#1 - you happily accept the benefit this "biased blog topic" has afforded you...#2 apparently you're also a hypocrite because you're commenting on this "biased blog topic"...and #3 your little home made memes don't scare me buddy. I think you think people are afraid you'll make one about them so they don't engage you. I've been doing this a lot longer than you have and will still be doing it after you've lost interest and are long gone buddy. There isn't a damn thing you can say about that hasn't already been said. So bring it.

You've been shown to be incorrect on every single assertion you've made so far.

But tell ya what... I DARE you to file an ethics complaint against me. By all means. I welcome it, that way when it comes back that you're incorrect you can make a public apology, or not, I don't give a shit. But I will make sure everyone knows about it when you're proven wrong.

But hey, while you're on the Texas Ethics website, you might want to look up reporting requirements before you make yourself look completely ignorant of the law.

Actually, you've inspired me. I think I'll help you out and do the leg work on your behalf. Consider my good deed for the day. What can I say, I'm a nice guy.

Chris Hernandez said...

Lol, busted doing what? You're an idiot for saying I was pretending not to know Tolbert when I was handing out literature for Tolbert before it even began. Some were even, "Hey Chris, how are you?" As most had recognized me from community meetings held by Jim Tolbert when I was still city staff for him. It was an open forum where ANYONE was allowed to ask questions. The question and point made was valid. Burgess and Annello haven't done shit for District 2, not even so much as vote in a local election. And as a vato that grew up in that district (Go Panthers!), this race is personal to me. Most of the residents have lived in those neighborhoods for decades. And I know if my grandmother, a former county employee with the clerk's office, was still alive, she'd be damned if someone from Boston who lists her occupation as a student who just moved into El Paso was going to represent her.

Jose Garcia said...

Jaime: 1
Jud: 0

The Lion Star said...

To answer your were busted trying to pretend you were trying "to be fair".

Come one man, do you even believe your own bullshit at this point?

Jose Garcia said...

Jaime: 1
Jud: 0
Chris: Karl Rove

Jud Burgess said...

The fact that you only print comments that you “approve” show it’s a biased blog. That tells me you have something to hide. I believe you are the only blogger that screens comments in case some of them might embarrass you.

I know that you have withheld a handful of mine.

I dare you to print this one...I’m screenshotting it anyway just in case you get queasy and opt no to.

The Lion Star said...

Mr. Burgess, I don't know what makes you think you intimidate me in the least.

Spoiler don't.

There's your comment. I screen comments because I can. I don't need your permission or approval.

Aren't you tired of me proving you wrong so many times in one day?

You'd think you'd be a lot nicer considering I did a lot of leg work for you today about campaign finance reporting requirements. I may help you avoid a big fine. Oh wait, actually no. You'll still have to pay a one if someone files an ethics complaint against you.

Don't worry bud, I'll post everything and then you can figure out what you're going to do about it.

Jud Burgess said...

In response to Chris Hernandez’ point about it being an “open forum”—

You more than obviously coached Tolbert on the question behind closed doors and without my knowledge. Such an obviously slanted question meant to make Tolbert look good in the end blew up in your faces and made the two of you look like rank amateurs. Let’s not forget that Tolbert lost to Romero a couple of years earlier and had time to do D2 stuff knowing he would be running again.

That is about as open as the walking quorum that Tolbert created when he walked into City Hall and conspired to circumvent the TOMA laws...and now the Texas Rangers have opened a criminal investigation on him.

Chris, I suggest you find yourself another career that doesn’t involve people and interaction with them.

Jud Burgess said...

Your blog is about intimidation which is pretty much what all blogs are about if you are honest with yourself. I like to read your blog on occasion because you have a wit about your writing that I can appreciate but as for taking a lot of what you write seriously, well that I don’t do.

I’m not trying to intimidate you, just exposing your own hypocrisy.

If your goal is to prove me wrong every time I write something as if you are the omnipotent blogger come down from the lion star, well then have at it. Be my guest.

We all have skeletons in the closet and Lord knows you have yours.

The Lion Star said...

That's right butter cup.

It's why you don't scare me.

You can't say anything about me people haven't already said. Talk all you want about me buddy...all you'll do is drive more traffic here. Be my guest. This isn't my first rodeo, and like I said... I'll be here king after you're gone.

And it's not about proving you wrong, it's that you're a massive hypocrite. There really isn't much different between you and a Tolbert when you get down to brass tacks.

Except Tolbert appears to have properly reported his political expenditures. You clearly haven't. Something I mentioned several times going back to the bond election.

Jose Garcia said...

Jaime: 2
Jud: -1
Chris: Karl Rove