Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Video: District 3 Candidates at Tejano Dems Forum

As I've said in the past, I try to get as much video of candidates at forums as I can to help you make up your mind about who to vote for in the upcoming elections. This is video of the three candidates for District 3 that have a chance at winning.

Actually there will be lots of video today. Some good stuff too!

I'm posting them in the order they spoke. Cassandra Brown is last because her flight was delayed, so I don't know if she was supposed to go in a different order, but I just posted the video in the order they spoke because I didn't have access to that information.

This is video from the Paso Del Norte Tejano Democrats endorsement meeting. You've seen an excerpt of this meeting in a previous video I posted of candidate Jaime Barceleau being heckled and then being a total asshole to an attendee.

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