Sunday, April 23, 2017

Why No Endorsement Makes Sense

I don't understand why some of you got your chones in a bunch over the fact that the El Paso Times chose not to endorse candidates in a couple of races. It makes no sense. Do you people live under a rock?

Pretty much the only people on planet earth that don't understand that prevailing thought of most of the electorate is that all the candidates basically suck is the Saucedo campaign.

The mayoral candidates are basically un-endorsable. Lets do a quick run through of the major candidates:

Emma Acosta - she's accomplished basically nothing other than to advocate for an obscene pay raise to City Manager Tommy Gonzalez, led the push for Larry Romero to keep cashing a tax-payer funded pay check while he was out on a golfing trip even though he wasn't going to work anymore and tried to make government less open to the people. The one factor that is getting her any votes, she's a Democrat.

David Saucedo - Seriously, there is a level of dumbfuckery in his campaign that can't even be articulated. How many issues does one candidate have to have related to money before the electorate wake-up and realize how insanely unqualified for the office the guys is?

Dee Margo - Two words, Freedom Fence.

There are other candidate in the race but none of them are viable based on things like name ID, campaign funds, etc. so its not surprising that none of them were considered for the endorsement. Hell Jaime O. Perez has so little traction in this race, even by his very, very, very, very low standards that even I haven't taken the time to even write about him.

And when even bloggers don't write about're seriously hard up for attention - which is why he is now resorting to campaign for office by protesting. Although one guy showing up and complaining about not be included in debates probably isn't much of a protest. Its more of just the ending of the movie Say Anything.

District 7 had no endorsement either. Its easy to think its a shot at Limón because she's the incumbent. But its actually says a lot more about Henry Rivera more so than Limón. Why? Because even having an investigation hanging over her head right now, Rivera still can't convince people that he is even remotely qualified for the position. Not only did his own union not endorse him, but the Times didn't endorse him when his opponent has an active investigation going on. The fact that he has almost no understanding of policy what so ever was PAINFULLY obvious during the debates streamed on Facebook by KTSM recently. Any question that Dora Oaxaca hadn't scripted an answer for Rivera was a complete disaster. Think about it, in District 2 Tolbert also has an investigation hanging over his head and the Times had no problem endorsing someone else.

Which leads me to the endorsement of Alexsandra Annello over Jim Tolbert. Think about it, Tolbert has been in office a short time and has taken a huge a huge nose-dive in popularity in such a short time. Under normal circumstances he wouldn't have been in office long enough to have pissed anyone off to not deserve the endorsement. It'll be interesting to see what is crack team of communications specialists comes up with next.


Anonymous said...

Regarding Dee Margo - 4 words Freedom Fence and Riff Raff

Anonymous said...

Just watched the KVIA mayoral debate. Saucedo has zero charisma. I have never seen a candidate so unappealing. What's with his hair? He gives me the willies.
Emma came across as informed and pleasant. Margo looked bored. Saucedo was unpleasant, confrontational, defensive and creepy.

Anonymous said...

Emma Acosta got us into this mess in city hall. who would want her. Saucedo is arrogant & I can say riff raff. Still voting for Dee Margo. those other 2 are worthless.

Anonymous said...

Voting for Dee tomorrow.