Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Barceleau on Dee's Nuts

Barceleau has been doing things in order to get himself attention for the last year leading up to his run for city council.

It started with his bid to become an officer in the Democratic Party, a precinct chair. Clearly he wasn't running because he takes the job seriously, he was running so he could have some sort of starting point for his bid to be city rep.

Then he became the PAC chair for the EPISD bond. I've talked to sources within the campaign for the bond who have indicated that the PAC immediately regretted having Barceleau as the chair because a) he didn't know what he was doing and b) he was very clearly using the position to fluff his resume.

Speaking of fluffing the resume - Jaime Barceleau is either lying or doesn't know his own job. First, as a veteran it annoys the shit out of me that he uses the National Defense Medal on his campaign signs. He is what we used to call in the Army, a PX hero. My fellow vets know what that means, so yeah he's that guy. But for those of you out there that don't understand that sentiment, just know that he's using that medal for political purposes. But back to fluffing his resume, Jaime has campaign literature that says something very interesting.

It says leadership you can trust. I've told you all that Jaime Barceleau is the last guy in the world that should be using the word "trust" and I'll drop that bombshell soon. But when you tell people you're someone you can trust - you shouldn't lie on the same document you are telling people that you can be trusted.

Jaime Barceleau was Executive Director of the last non-profit he worked at. And from all accounts, he was a damn good one.

But you know what he wasn't?

A damn CEO.

But Jaime Barceleau's campaign material, the very same one that he proudly proclaims "Leadership you can trust" says he was a CEO when in fact, he was never a CEO - he was an executive director. They are vastly different positions and anyone who knows anything about business or non-profits knows there is a big difference.

Oh, whats that? You don't believe me that a candidate would so blatantly lie on campaign material because it would be too easy to show that he's full of shit?

Well I'm glad you mentioned that...its not the best quality, but I'll get my hands on a better one soon, but see for yourself.

Only in El Paso does someone have the balls to put the phrase "leadership you can trust" and then lie about his job on the same piece of campaign lit.

Sorry, got off on a tangent. Back to Dee's nuts.

From early on in the campaign, Barceleau has been a Dee Margo supporter. He put his sign in his yard, which was not received very well by people in the Democratic Party.

Then he proudly expressed his support for Margo at a campaign forum event. Dee Margo has contributed to his campaign.

And now according to the last campaign finance reports, Dee Margo apparently has received a contribution from Jaime Barceleau.

I don't know why, but Barceleau just loves being on Dee's nuts.

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