Thursday, May 18, 2017

Barceleau Wanted Questions in Advance

Remember I told you that temperament was going to be a big issue? Well I've got a side story for you before I go on.

Former State Rep Marisa Marquez used to pull this shit and I hated it and never let her get away with it. When I interviewed her she always wanted to know in advance what I was going to ask her. Look, if you're a candidate you either do an interview or you don't - but don't try to play that bullshit.

Well Barceleau has taken his douchedom to an even more extreme level. Turns out the reason Barceleau was a No Shoeau at the KCOS debate was because he asked for the questions in advance and since he didn't have them, he didn't want to do the debate.

What kind of chicken shit is that? Who does he think he is, Hillary Clinton?

Where did I get that little nugget of information from?

From the debate moderator himself, David Crowder.

Take a look at this post from Facebook:

Cassandra Brown is no fiery or articulate debater. It appears to be her weakest area, so you'd think a guy like Barceleau would be licking his chops to be on TV against a candidate who is a weak debater.

And frankly, if the story was that Barceleau was a no-shoeau because he was out campaigning instead, then I would a) find it more believable and b) respect the campaign strategy.

But wanting the questions in advance and then blowing it off goes to his temperament.

And temperament is really important especially with the current make-up of council. You have a council who wouldn't sit next to one another, goes on morning FM radio shows to bash their colleagues, yells at people, etc...and that was just Cortney Niland.

Jim Tolbert calls constituents assholes and allegedly breaks the TOMA because he's allegedly upset that another member of council hasn't been kissing Duranguito ass as much as he has and was included in the meeting more than he was...allegedly.

Emma Acosta targets members of the community critical of her.

Mike Noe is apparently the world's oldest middle-schooler and trolls his colleague with his SnapChat name.

So having even-handed, grounded, and mentally stable members of council is pretty damn important to this community. Barceleau - with his previous "nobody asked you sir" remark and now demanding questions in advance shows he's got a temper problem like Jim Tolbert.

Imagine Barceleau's temper on council, along with Sam Morgan's temper problems he's shown with his inability to rationally deal with the media asking a routine question, and Jim Tolbert all on council at the same time.

Now imagine the Brown Trump, David Saucedo, as the ring leader...

Yeah, imagine that is who will represent you and your city...

Also, have you seen this video yet?


Anonymous said...

I have to disagree, to a point.

Going to a candidate forum is important, since it allows multiple points of view to be heard in the same meeting. Debates are even better when practiced fairly.

However, it must be said. When did Elective Government become a gameshow? Yes it's very important to know the right answer when playing Jeopardy, but is that way elective government works?

If a candidate gives the wrong answer does that mean the mechanisms of government immediately change based on the comment made by the official in question? No. Government works slowly. Painfully slow. Government is NOT a gameshow. We need to stop treating it like one.

Most journalists don't come up with questions off the stop of their head. Stream-of-consciousness isn't an interview method taught in any journalism school. The interviewee has limited time, so questions are prepared in advance, along with likely follow ups.

Shouldn't we expect the same quality in the answers?

The Press Conference is really a 19th Century creation that doesn't reflect the realities of today. Any elected official is an email away. There is no 3 to 5 day postal delays. Any good pol should respond within hours, and in turn provide an accurate and practical answer to any question issued.

Be it Alex Trebeck or Sam Donaldson we need to stop the game of the spot question.

Or we should at least have the intellectual honesty to admit it is a game.

Anonymous said...

Only in El Paso do candidates do, usually, get debate questions in advance. That's a debate ? That's an interview !

Either the candidate knows the issues or they don't. We don't want a rehearsed and canned answers. We want someone that can articulate their vision and tell us why it's better than the opponent's. Can't debate, you most likely not will not do well in any meeting. The members have to be convinced that your proposal is better.

Of course the reporters have to prepare questions in advance, that keeps the interview running smooth and revelant.

Even the show " Love Connection" comes with challenges.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, debates in open session are useless. They are a performance for the people. Everything gets decided in closed session, executive session or meetings with the "Whips".

There is nothing wrong with telling a journalist, send me an email with your question and I'll get back with you. It's not the pols job to give journalists something to do.

For the record I don't think I said, "Only in El Paso do candidates do, usually, get debate questions in advance".

To actually believe representatives are influenced by each other's speeches is "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" level of naivety.