Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Barceleau's Bombshell

In a very clear sign of desperation, Jaime Barceleau dropped the most negative mailer I've seen in a really long time. Looks like a Forma piece and if it is, its an example of a candidate needing to reign in their consultants. But it also has the potential to be a major story and headache for another elected official.

And if he went to Forma its a recent development because his last mail piece as much cleaner than the rest. The rest of his mailers looked like some cheap-ass furniture store Memorial Day sale advertisements, so he clearly has a new design crew.

The reason you know its a sign of desperation is because the mailer was so negative and so late. In order to be effectively leveraged a negative message needs time to work. Dropping it at the last minute is not only ineffective, but often leaves the voter thinking the candidate who sent it is in desperation mode.

Interestingly the only other name I noticed on the piece as Barceleau's treasurer Al Velarde. Not sure if he's cool with the mailer too, but damn its a pretty negative piece. And thats coming from me, who is used to some elbows being thrown under the rim and who has never been shy about sending negative mail.

First, you have to understand that the details of the piece are true and public record. District Clerk Norma Favela has been wanting to use it for some time. Obviously as District Clerk she's uniquely positioned to have access to those records, and I'm not saying she has, but if she has (which should be an easy enough open records search) is up to you all as constituents if you think that is an appropriate use of her position to access those records.

But Favela actually posted a comment about Cassandra Brown's record during the debate that KTSM had for the District 3 candidates. So that shows she has known about it and tried to make it public.

The real question for the media is whether she, or a staff member under her supervision accessed the record for political purposes - and whether it was at Favela's instruction.

The cases have been adjudicated for a long time, so the only reason I can thing of that they would have to be accessed would be for political purposes.

Which I sincerely hope isn't the case because it would really undermine the public's trust.


The worst part of the mailer sent by Barceleau is that it is so blatantly dishonest. If you look closely, they go to the step of redacting information and of all things...its the date.


Because he wanted to make it seem like it was recent. Why else would the date be redacted? There is no other rational reason for redacting a date - he just tried to be slick about it.

This happened in 2004 and 2006. 

For context, in 2004 Brown would've been 17 if my math is correct. But I can't wait to see him in a debate - it would be WONDERFUL to see him try to explain away why he redacted the date.

Attacking Women

So the REALLY bad thing about this mailer is Barceleau's attack on a women opens up the door for his own skeletons to come out - which has already happened, which is why it puzzles me that Favela was okay with the attack on another woman.

Favela knows what its like to be attacked as a woman running for office. When she first ran, another woman was trying to get media or bloggers, or anyone that would listen, to cover some persona stuff about Favela. It was personal so no one bit on it.

But since I personally told Favela about the fact that someone was trying to trash her when she first ran for office, she knows full well what its like to be trashed by your past as a female candidate for office.

A while back I posted a link to a post about Barceleau on my social media and someone posted this really interesting comment about him:

For the bilingually impaired, she essentially alleges she was sexually harassed by Jaime Barceleau - he allegedly sent her obscene material. Its pretty direct.

I know for a fact that this behavior isn't isolated to this woman who posted this comment. He's done it to at least one other person and I have screen shots of it. What is terrible about it is that at least in the case of the previous instance, it happened after he had proposed to his now spouse Norma Favela.

I notified Favela and shared with her the information because I knew she was excited about getting engaged and wanted her to be fully aware of her choice before she said I do. She chose to stay with him and they are married now, which is between her and her spouse.

But when her spouse attacks a woman for her past - going back to when she was a minor - well I guess I just thought there would be a little solidarity between women.

Guess not.

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Anonymous said...

I thought it was common knowledge that he does this! I don't know if he's actually cheated as every instance I ever heard about (3 for the record), the woman has turned him down.