Friday, May 12, 2017

D8 Race Analysis

Let me start off with a question that has been bothering me. I only know about Gilbert Guillen from the context of the Duranguito conversation - which turned out to be a non-issue to voters and if you don't believe me, just look at the results of the election.

I heard there was only one property owner than hasn't signed on the dotted line for the arena yet, but I noticed that the name isn't Gilbert Guillen. So since I only know of him because of the Duranguito thing I'm wondering if he his the lone hold out that hasn't signed with the city yet.

Since that is what he has become most notable for as it relates to a bid to replace the controversial Cortney Niland I think the public needs to know one thing...

Has he sold-out, or is he the hold-out?

That being said, lets move on.

The race has a few interesting candidates. Guillen for obvious reasons is one of the more notable candidates and got off to an early start. The other notables in the race are Robert Cormell who previously ran for mayor, Cissy Lizarraga who is the wife of District Court Judge Marcos Lizarraga, and former state rep candidate Adolfo Lopez.

For bilingually impaired media folks, the name is pronounced Lee-SAH-rra-guh. That names kicks everyone's ass on TV, so consider this my good deed for the day.

Cormell has already dropped mail. He is a religious conservative but has been on the ballot before and if he can keep down the Jesus, he is likely to appeal to a lot of voters on the westside.

Lizarraga is wealthy and they have lived on the westside for a long time so they are well-known and Cissy is smart, classy, and has a strong grasp of issues. She's more popular than her spouse.

Adolfo Lopez is really likable and very bright. He was Forma's candidate to replace Marisa Marquez in the legislature. He didn't win but a big chunk of the district has had his mail in their mailboxes not too long ago. He'd be great on council but the question for him is if Forma is going to help him in the race. They have their hands full trying to win a mayoral race right now, which they really need to win so that they can regain a little of their credibility back after that disaster of switching candidates DURING a campaign cycle from one camp to another in the Svarzbein race.

Guillen has to find a way to appeal to voters other than those in Segundo Barrio. I know there are a lot of raza that get annoyed when I say this, but in terms of elections Segundo Barrio has no weight at all. There aren't a lot of voters there and you can pretty much add up the total number of votes in all the segundo precincts and that is probably equal to just one precinct on the westside.

Segundo really needs to be in another district.

If Guillen were the only Latino in the race he'd stand a much better chance. But right now it looks like a run-off between Cormell and Lizarraga - unless Guillen or Lopez gets some money behind them quickly.

I will say this - and it is of almost no consequence but its something I pay attention to - Lizarraga and Guillen have the best signs. The old-school big G with the names is cool even though the colors suck, but Lizarraga's logo is clean, unique, and stands out. Its hands down the best logo of the run-off and D8 cycle.


Skydiverr said...

Gilbert Guillen is not the hold out because his property isn't in the arena footprint.

inept said...

Is it too late to change the city charter so that the loser of this race has to serve as mayor?

Augustus Snodgrass said...

I have known Cissy and her husband for a very long time. Cissy's family started as customs brokers when it was the old Alcantar & Brown adjacent to the Santa Fe railroad station. She is indeed, very sharp but also kind hearted. She is not running for this position as a "vanity project" unlike Manteca head.

She is concerned for her community and the direction it is going. Still, after all these years. One step forward and two back. She wants to bring positive change to her community. A graduate of Loretto, she has not only deep family roots but the extensive alumni from Loretto. She has my vote and I believe the close-knit and old Sunset Heights families are all behind her.

Alot of Positive Energy tucked into that little petite 5'0" frame!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I support Guillen in the effort of placing the arena somewhere else. But voting for a single issue candidate is a short sided move. That's why I can't vote for him.

Augustus Snodgrass said...

Jaime...I am dissappointed that you allowed the post right above here to be allowed. To "defame" Cissy's daughter with innuendo is Libel. It's one (bitter) person's take on a daughter. How do we know its truth or Fiction?

Besides, I think it's a double standard. "WEll Known Slut,"? but yet does the same standard apply to guys? I think not. When "anonymous" posts start taking cheap, under the belt, pot shots, then you know someone is afraid and insecure. Besides, it is Cissy who is running for City Hall, NOT her daughters.


The Lion Star said...

I deleted it.

I actually hadn't caught that.

Augustus Snodgrass said...

Jaime, Good Call. Not sure where that came from, other than a disgruntled or bitter person. I've always felt that family members are OFF Limits when it comes to politics. They are not part of the equation unless they want to insert themselves.

None of her 3 daughters are running for office, although they are helping out. Besides, why is it wrong to help one's own Mother? It's a testament to her character, as there are alot of daughters and sons who don't want to be close to their families.

Keep up the good work regarding what is going on in El Paso.

Anonymous said...

OP took a cheap shot but the argument was more about the fact that something serious was happening right under Cissys nose and she wasn't aware about it..imagine if the same were to happen at City Hall? it shows a lack of responsibility. politicians need to be tough I have it's something that affects all their families so if she and her family are taking great offense to this it's best if they don't get involved, perhaps more things will come to light and end up harming them.