Wednesday, May 24, 2017

DA Confirms Investigation of Tolbert

David K., Chris Hernandez and Jim Tolbert have been trying to sell the public a bum steer. They have been pushing this mythical story that Jim Tolbert is somehow NOT the subject of a criminal investigation.

Their explanation defies logic, but it is funny to say the least. I mean a state agency (DPS) sent out a press release that they say wasn't sent out, to the media that they say never got it (but they did) and say that the DPS spokesperson was wrong for saying that the Texas Rangers are conducting an investigation of Jim Tolbert and others regarding the secret meetings with Max Grossman and others about the downtown arena.

Funny thing is that the Texas Rangers could've come out and said that their sister law enforcement agency was lying about an investigation if one truly didn't exist.

But they haven't.

And we are supposed to suspend belief in reality and buy into the story that despite the fact that the Texas Rangers haven't disputed the press release sent out by the DPS, but instead believe David K when he says he spoke to someone at the Texas Rangers who allegedly told him that there was no investigation of his old family friend Jim Tolbert.

And that person apparently has no name. Gotta love the wonderful, whimsical world of make-believe.

So back here in reality,  a spokesperson from the District Attorneys Office apparently confirmed the on-going investigation of Jim Tolbert in this story yesterday in the El Paso Times.

Its happening. No matter how much those three try to lie about it - which makes no sense to begin with. Its a dumb thing to lie about.

So now that is the Department of Public Safety and the District Attorney's office - the agency that ASKED for the damn investigation to being with, that have confirmed the existence of the investigation. Guess what agency hasn't come out to call them liars...the Texas Rangers.

You'd think if there were now TWO different entities that have confirmed the investigation that if there weren't an investigation that the Rangers would come out and say so right? Maybe David Karlsruher is confused and is calling the baseball team instead of the "Walker, Texas Ranger" Rangers.

Speaking of which - lets stop acting like Mr. Jim Tolbert is some sort of transparent man of the people for a moment shall we? This guy - at least according to the open record requests done by media, omitted text messages that were relevant to the request. He either deleted them, or just failed to turn them over.

Not turning over records is LITERALLY the opposite of being transparent.

That is the part that bothers me more than anything else. There's no reason to not turn over those records, especially when other members of council that were in that shady backroom meeting turned over theirs.

Now, this is the part of the story boys and girls, were Susie Byrd is assigned magical powers were she's able to dance like Selena, write children's books, direct traffic, plan next years Homecoming parade for Austin High School and direct the El Paso Times all in a single bound and wearing heels...


Anonymous said...

Very good description of DavidK's world of make-believe.

Anonymous said...

He should have stuck with Byrd. The DA won't touch that crew.

Dan Bodine said...

Bringing in the whoopity-whoop Texas Rangers -- if my memory's still up to snuff from my years as city judge for City of Presidio -- ain't a "huge deal." It's a statutory requirement. I think one of the county's elected officials -- i.e., county judge or atty., maybe even D.A. -- is legally required to contact the Rangers anytime a complaint on a state official like that comes up. The Rangers are the state's "official" investigators. Scuttlebutt is what usually causes it. Politics is a contact sport! Seems like we had Rangers come in after every other heated election down in Presidio. "Oh, so-and-so is buying voters! Somebody actually saw #!%*& spending the beer money!" Hee, hee! Remember a time one of our hardest-working mayors even drew a Ranger investigation. Someone ratted on him for trying to lower his water bill, pobre sito! In politics, if you're attempting to move the chain toward the goal line, you're a sittin' duck. It's that simple! As sad as that fact is.

Anonymous said...

Dan - Violating the Texas Open Meetings Act is a crime, not political shenanigans. This is not about someone's water bill. It's about an elected council making decisions in a private meeting.