Monday, May 8, 2017

"Data-driven" & Other Saucedo Lies

Saucedo referred to his campaign on election night as "data-driven" and I almost spit out the water I was drinking.

The Saucedo campaign has been modeled after the Trump campaign for those of you who haven't noticed the blatantly obvious. But they are also the biggest producer of fake news of the election cycle.

More on that when I hand out sprinkles later.

There is a saccharine quality about Saucedo that is completely undeniable. He's about as authentic as NFL merchandise at the Bronco or a J-Town boob job.

So the rehearsed and fake confidence at his campaign party on election night wasn't a surprise. I expected it.

But let me show you just how "data-driven" that amateur night shit-show of a campaign really is - on May 3 the campaign put out their newsletter and it proudly proclaimed that according to poll data, Saucedo was "officially in a dead heat".

Lol, no you weren't.

When the first early voting numbers came out, Saucedo was down by nearly 25 a crowded a race with record-low turnout!

On what fucking planet is that a dead-heat? Seriously, the people who counted the crowd at Trump's inauguration are blushing!

They were either lying or they don't know shit about data.

Here's what the data REALLY said:

It said Margo whooped his ass.

Here's another one they told...

On Xtra Saucedo was pissed about not getting the endorsement of the El Paso Times and he and his team had some pretty freaking sour grapes about it. Saucedo himself went so far as to call the endorsement of the El Paso Times the "kiss of death".

There's no way to walk that one back.

Also, its completely wrong. All the candidates they endorsed are in the run-off and in good shape - Annello, Haggerty, and Brown.

So aside from the incredibly dumb campaign move of insulting the daily paper of record, and then being wrong about it, he then takes his hypocrisy to a whole other level.

He goes from calling the paper the "kiss of death" to sending a screenshot of the headline and proudly proclaiming "We did it!"

Did what? Came in 20+ points behind your opponent and you have no money left?

Seriously, who writes that shit? Its getting better than Trump's tweets. And by better I mean more detached from reality.


Anonymous said...

He thinks he's playing horse shoes. He's like a dying man in the desert seeing a mirage of an oasis.

Paco Lako said...

Don't you let my mother hear you talk about Saucedo. She loves him. Then again she would love you if you had Saucedo's copete. I, on the other hand, have bookmarked this post for when I'm having trouble sleeping. Could you give me a more boring analysis. I walked 2 blocks to the bus stop and got some better intel then this. I'll tell you which blog is not data-driven...hahahaha. Laugh now, sleep later.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha. You lib tard. Trump is doing great things. The liberal media is the king of fake news. You libs cant handle it because your power is slowly slipping away.

The Lion Star said...

Go fuck yourself.

Your Pal,


Anonymous said...

I am not an expert on blogging and whatnot, but I don't think that's the best made response.

On the original topic, I think it's possible that Saucedo's camp (and himself as well) originally knew they had a long shot at winning, so they targeted making a runoff so they would at least have a shot. I don't think he does, but whatever...

I know this city only thinks with their democratic brain, but I couldn't care less what party anyone is in. I want someone that can do a good job. Sorry if that isn't a demo every time. As for mayor, I thought they all sucked, but it is what it is.....

Anonymous said...

55 percent of the people voted against Dee. If their votes go to Saudedo and imho all of Acosta's will then Saucedo has a shot.

Anonymous said...

I think Saucedo will win now that he has the coveted endorsement of Jaime Perez.

The Lion Star said...

That's gonna be the line Saucedo tells everyone. But an even higher percentage voted against him, so the logic doesn't work. You have to look seeping into the numbers. The D8 race is gonna push the westside out even more and that's gonna spell doom for Saucedo. Acosta under performed. Saucedo is in a really bad spot.

Anonymous said...

Ano, so how many voted against Saucedo. Nice try but the spin is obvious. Why would Acosta's votes to Saucedo. That's more than a long shot. More like an impossible goal.

Good business experience and maturity will get Dee the election. Saucedo is a one hit wonder and will disappear from the scene after the election. He is his worst enemy. When the candidate starts believing his own bs he's in serious trouble and his record as a leader is terrible. Completely immature. No chance.

The people rejected Acosta, his bs and failures are similar to her. For the same reasons he will fail. Wouldn't surprise me if Dee cleaned the guy's clock.

Anonymous said...

Third young (ish) Cathedral grad in recent memory to crash and burn in local elections. Ouch.

Anonymous said...

Emma's voters are more straight ticket voters, therefore the will see that Hispanic name Salcedo verses Margo. That's why I say Salcedo gets Emma's voters.

The Lion Star said...

Her voters mean shit.

She won 6 lousy precincts, so every vote she had going to Saucedo doesn't help.

Margo would've be over 40% if he weren't getting a shit ton of votes from Latinos and Democrats. There aren't enough white Republicans in this town for him to be ahead like he is all by themselves.

Anonymous said...

If the Hispanic name would have done the trick, Emma wouldn't be where she is now. Plus she is a Latina that didn't help. People are tired of the same old bull and double talk. Dee has been up front about being Republican, that's honesty.

Saucedo has Perez's support, so what. I like Perez but he received only 1 % of the vote. How's that going to help. Write his speeches ? Saucedo is not well spoken so it would be obvious. Look there are closet Republicans and Moderate Democrats.

Dee received all those votes because he knows how to campaign, had the correct campaign staff, money even without funding, business pro, mature and looks a lot better than the Mexican Fabio.

There's no way he can make up the difference in votes and more to win. If I thought he had a chance I would say it.

Anonymous said...

Aren't there like 27 Democratic Clubs in El Paso? Why aren't they doing more to put forward good Dem candidates for Mayor?