Friday, May 19, 2017

Duranguito Wasn't Important to Voters

I've said this and predictably it pissed some people off.

But its true, don't get mad at me just because it happens to be the truth. I know, the small but loud minority of people that have been ringing the cowbell about Duranguito and following around an extreme right-wing conservative like Max Grossman would have you believe that the electorate is really pissed that the arena is in Duranguito, that they are so mad that they want to put it on the ballot again and that we should hire Joyce Wilson again, just so we can fire her.

But they aren't. They voted in big numbers for candidates that are in favor of putting the arena in Duranguito. Thats got to piss off poor Maxie.


Here is the best way to underscore the point I was making about how the voters clearly didn't give a damn about the arena issue.

Lets see how Duranguito and Segundo Barrio voted on the issue. They vote in precinct 37 at the Armijo Center. That is in the heart of Segundo Barrio.  Lets start with the premise that the people who are against the arena would be voting for someone who has expressed opposition to the arena. Of the three top candidates, that would be David Saucedo. Margo and Acosta were for the arena.

So lets look at the numbers. First, as you can see by the color code of the precinct, the precinct is colored light green, which means it went for David Saucedo.

At first, that might make you think that indicates that since Saucedo is allegedly against the location that those voters were inline with Saucedo's position. But if you look closer at the figures in the black box, you'll see that Saved actually only narrowly pulled out a plurality.

Saucedo 31
Acosta 30
Margo 29

So even in the precinct in which Duranguito resides, Saucedo was only able to carry it by one vote.


I'm not making that up, he won by one vote.

And when you calculate how many votes the other two candidates who are for the Duranguito site, Saucedo struggled to get half of the votes that went to other candidates.

What does that mean?

It means that voters in the district in which Durganguito exists gave nearly twice as many votes to the candidates that were for the arena in the current location than the candidate that wants to "Save Duranguito".

Now before anyone tries to spin the data, that precinct is a 100% barrio precinct. Its not mixed in with anything that would dilute the support of the Save Duranguito people. In short, its a precinct that should've gone for Saucedo like gang busters.

If even Segundo Barrio turned out 2-1 against Saucedo, he's in real trouble. Especially because he hasn't dropped mail, Margo is making it rain and now there is a Margo TV buy...


Michael Apodaca said...

I'm going to one up you for a second and add to your point. Precinct 37 voting population is 2811. This is bigger than Precinct 8, which is the Willows/EP County Club with only 2503. If the Duranguito/Segundo Barrio truly wanted to show their strength and disapproval for what is about to happen to them, they should have voted! instead they did not show up for the mayors race like always. They only voted at 4% (113 voters) while Pct 8 came out with 25% of the vote (638). You can write and sign as many petitions or have so many rallies, but if you choose not to participate especially when you're a large precinct, then it moots your point. This area will only be taken serious when they show up to vote.

The Lion Star said...

Tip of the hat to Mike.

Good point.

Anonymous said...


Michael Apodaca said...

Anonymous stole my catch hashtag.... I need to trademark that.

Anonymous said...

The folx in Duranguito didn't trust any of the candidates. Saucedo came off predatory to them. One was left with the impression he would go back on his word. Voting abstention can sometimes indicate a lack of confidence in the candidates. I personally held my nose and voted Saucedo, but I empathize with the majority of El Pasoans who abstained from voting. Their choice was between a white supremacist, a neoliberal capitalist shill, and a libertarian.

Also, Max Grossman doesn't do hardly squat for the movement. He loves to take credit, though!