Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Elisa Morales...Otra Con "Trustworthiness"

I was going through my YouTube channel and I noticed that I forgot to publish the videos of Elisa Morales and Dee Margo at the Tejano Democrats endorsement event.

So I clicked on it and watched it. I'll be honest, when she spoke I wasn't paying attention and as you can see in the video, not too many people in attendance were either. But now that I know her voting history. I'm glad I went back and watched it.

First, because I think it would be a fun drinking game to take a shot every time she uses the term "federal level" in her speeches. Second, because she keeps referring to this "fire in her belly".

Thats just shitty Mexican food from her hometown of San Antonio.

Anywho...I wrote about Jaime Barceleau talking about how he can be trustworthy and then lied about his job title earlier today - and Elisa Morales has sorta slid under the radar for being a Republican basically from the start.

She didn't lie when she was at the Tejano Democrats event. She actually mentions her association with Republicans in her speech, but no one was paying attention and it just slid under the radar.

I just thought it was interesting that she and Dee Margo had the nerve to go to a Democratic Party event and asked for their endorsement knowing they had a Republican voting record. The difference is that everyone knew Margo was a Republican.

Morales didn't tell anyone she was a Republican. She didn't hide it, but she damn sure didn't mention it. Which is why I thought it was weird that she used the word "trustworthiness" right away when she didn't fully disclose her Republican voting record.

She's never voted in a Democratic primary.



Anonymous said...

I thought it was a non-partisan race. But if not, Acosta is a Democrat. So are virtually all electeds in El Paso. So is the fact that many of the most prominent ones take donations from big time Republicans like Paul Foster and Woody Hint. What choice do we have then? Jaime Perez?

Anonymous said...

you have an eye of for observation

David C. Escobar said...

when did eastwood high school become the lower valley?