Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Emma Acosta Still Wants to Make Government Less Transparent

Every time I hear one of my Democratic friends talking about how they can't vote for Saucedo or Margo because they are Republicans, I agree with them...until they say they are gonna vote for Emma Acosta.

Thankfully I've talked most of them out of that ridiculous idea.

And here is a perfect example of why its a bad idea.

Actually, wait. I wanted to explain why I am using this picture I snagged from the El Paso Times instead of my normal picture of Acosta.

Its because this is my new favorite picture of her.

It looks like she was on an elevator alone and then let a nasty one rip and at the next floor, a bunch of people she knew got on the elevator.

Okay, where was I? Oh yeah, why voting for her is a bad idea...

Check out this screenshot of an article in El Paso Times the other day. She admits that she still wants to restrict who can have access to government records.

Now take the personal reason out of this equation. Lets pretend that this had nothing to do with me requesting records of Dora Oaxaca's pay records and text messages between them and Dr. Noe and his staff about an agenda item.

Lets just look at this item as it stands on its own two feet...

Acosta thinks that a certain class of people shouldn't have access to government records. Felons on death row have access to government records because of government transparency. But for some reason, Emma Acosta thinks that only CERTAIN people should have access to their government records.

Who cares if you're a constituent, member of the press, or a taxpayer right? Emma knows whats best for us.

Anyone, especially in this day and age when trust in government is at an all-time low, who advocates for less transparent government, isn't someone we should be voting for.

We should be suspicious of people that advocate for less transparent government. Seriously, if it wasn't for open record requests, we shouldn't have any idea of how badly several members of council including Jim Tolbert, allegedly violated the Texas Open Meetings Act.

Acosta would want to make it easier to hide that kind of stuff from the public.

She's wrong for El Paso.

Oh, also a funny story. I took a break today and went to vote. I stopped to grab a photo of Emma Acosta and Henry Rivera's signs at Pavo Real because I was going to report them to code compliance because they are a violation and code compliance loves to swoop-in and snatch campaign signs that are out of compliance.

Well after I snapped this pic, the wind blew pretty hard.

That, or I have telepathic powers. But this is the result.

I like to think its telepathic powers.

But on a serious note, it came down on its own. Dora's mom and dad were at Carolina watching my every move while their BFF Ana DueƱez was taking pictures of me, so I have witnesses.

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Anonymous said...

Emma, give it up, you're done, washed up, yesterday's news. The nursing home has a bed for you.

Yes Emma, you're the Mayor, now take your medication.