Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Fun with Finance Reports

Well finance reports are always fun. And while this election is probably the most frustratingly annoying thing happening in town this side of a pledge drive on KTEP, I do find some joy in the little things that make me laugh.

Like finance report screw-ups and messiah-like pics of ego-fueled candidates (I'll get to the Sermon at Scenic in a minute).

Although there are some very frustrating parts of this election like all the Republicans running and hiding their values like Margo, Saucedo, and Morales, the Democratic Party sending out robocalls that help Acosta who used the term "illegals" to refer to the undocumented, and the Green Party deciding to ignore their principles and stand by the endorsement of a Republican.

Yes, only in El Paso does the Green Party endorse a Republican...

But lets get back to the campaign finance reports. Once again Sam Morgan isn't practicing that age-old mantra of the Army, attention to detail, and yet again filed his campaign finance report incorrectly. He filed expenses on a page that was meant for expenses to a company owned buy the candidate.

Here's a screen-shot.

Its the second time he's messed up his campaign finance report. Its a simple error, but its unchanged from the last time he made a report. How is he supposed to navigate multi-million dollar contracts when he can't correctly file out campaign finance reports?

Okay, back to the Sermon on Scenic...

You could write a book on all the ego-centric shit that has come out of the David Saucedo campaign whether its stupid videos staring the over-privileged product of El Paso wealth and aristocracy trying to act like he's a gritty fighter from the hood or magazine covers he paid for, nothing tops his most recent mass email.

He has that picture of him above trying to look Jesus doing the Sermon on the Mount, but its at Scenic Drive.

Talk about the cheesiest staged photo ever!

I bet he wished he had some of the Almighty's ability to multiply to feed the masses when you look at his finance reports. Remember that Dallas trip for the fundraiser he was doing?

Well it was pretty much a flop. Ronquillo, the guy that hosted the event gave him 2 grand and then in-kinded food in the amount of $1,200. Well normally that wouldn't be of note except that he apparently only picked up 3 other donations while he was there that didn't even break $250...total.

His plane ticket was $580. Seriously, anything that has to do with Saucedo and money always appears to be a shit-show.

But if he had the Almighty's ability to make a few fish and bread feed the masses, maybe that $1,200 could've gone to something else. Because seriously, who spends $1,200 to feed people at a fundraiser that only captures three checks totally less than $250?

So did that Ronquillo guy just drop big money to feed almost no-one or did a bunch of people show up, eat free food, and not even crack open the ol' checkbook?

Oh well, bless├ęd are the meek...

Also, the ethics complaint against Saucedo was dismissed. 


Anonymous said...

too funny ... the small print said it all.

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Hi, Chris!