Wednesday, May 3, 2017

I Voted for Willie Cager & You Should Too

I will be the first to admit that Willie Cager is not qualified to be mayor.

But hell he's far more qualified than David Saucedo and more likable than Dee Margo and Emma Acosta.

If you've spoken to anyone in town over any period of time you've heard them complain about how terrible the field of candidates are in the race. Trust me, far more people would rather vote for "None of the Above" than vote for Margo, Saucedo, or Acosta.

So lets send a message and vote for Willie Cager.

Someone has to win and I can't look myself in the mirror if I voted for either one of the Republicans or the lady that wants to make government less transparent.

So if someone has to win, I might as well vote for someone that I know is a decent human being. That is why I voted for Willie Cager and I want to encourage everyone else to do the same. Its a rejection of the top three candidates.

Tell your friends to at least vote for someone who has done something really positive for El Paso - helped win a national championship!

Start spreading the word. Tell everyone you know.

We want Willie, we want Willie, we want Willie...

Hell steal this and post it on your social media if you like.

In the run-off I have another way to stick it to the man, but lets wait until next week for that one...

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