Friday, May 12, 2017

Max Grossman & The Election

Well its been a while since I've mentioned ol' Maxie but I'd be remiss if I didn't point out the fact that he was a miserable failure at trying to influence the outcome of this election.

He berated and bullied a few candidates into adopting his positions, or at least attempted to do so with others, then was a failure at getting his agenda across.

Dee Margo supports the downtown arena and went into the run-off with the most votes by a huge margin.

Jim Tolbert and Alexsandra Annello were both against the arena, but only one of them isn't being investigated by the Texas Rangers for being part of a shady meeting to hammer out an 11th hour deal on the issue. So that is a wash.

In D3 - BOTH the candidates that made the run-off were in favor of the downtown arena and actually made it a part of their campaign message.

In D4 - Morgan changed his position on eminent domain a couple of times and eventually landed on being against the downtown arena. Haggerty sounds like he's kinda for it being downtown but mostly focuses on the fact that it can't be moved to Cohen and talks more about what to do with Cohen stadium.

The point is, for all the noise that has been made about the election it turned out to be a non-issue.

Max likes to play on FB all day long and I think he learned a valuable lesson that many of us have been saying for can't Facebook your way to a campaign victory.

Grossman's Gross Hypocrisy

So here's something fun to think about, especially for policy makers at the city.

Max Grossman is advocating for legal action against the city because of Duranguito but is using influence with the historic preservation office to gain access to the City Fire Stations,


Don't believe me...check out this announcement on Facebook:

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Michael Bray said...

Pass by the fire station any time you want, as often as you want. This is an informative fundraising event for the Texas Trost Society. Join them to learn more about the history, then make your own informed decisions about the area.

It will be informative, if not provocative!