Monday, May 22, 2017

Only in Socorro: The Campaign Edition

Come on El Paso, did you really think your mayoral election could out-Socorro Socorro?

Don't be silly, Socorro is still the pound-for-pound champ of crazy.

They are the Floyd Mayweather of cray-cray.

They have a special election for mayor coming up because City Representative Maria Reyes decided to put the city of Socorro in a terrible legal position by having a shady back-room deal to railroad the Mayor Gloria Rodriguez out of her seat.

Now get a load of this.

The former municipal judge of Socorro is now running for mayor. Her name is "Elia" Garcia. No, I don't know why she always puts it in quotes, but she actually wants to be known by as Judge Garcia. No, she wasn't elected to the position and no, she's not the judge now.

And wait til ya find out why.

Because she was trying to get a shit ton more money out of tax payers in Socorro. As much crap as I talk about Socorro city government, one thing I am pretty sensitive to is the fact that the people of Socorro have been screwed over for years by bad leadership.

People that have taking advantage of them for generations.

It bothers the shit out of me.
Not really a judge in Socorro. She's a judge in Clint.
So what happened with Elia Garcia is that she had been hired as the municipal judge in Socorro, meaning she heard traffic tickets for the municipality. Its meant to be a part-time gig. Socorro has had a lot of drama with their municipal judges. Talk about a kangaroo court - since there wasn't even a requirement that the judge be an attorney, City Rep Maria Reyes' brother was the judge.

Eventually the Gandara got some guy in that was a protege of Elliot Shapleigh and he had at least gone to law school. But that vato couldn't pass the bar.

Eventually the last council made it a requirement that a) you must have gone to law school and b) you must have actually passed the bar. Which is how they ended up with Elia Garcia as the judge. She was a baby lawyer and had actually passed the bar.

Socorro has finally got it right and their current judge, who is another attorney, actually went to law school, passed the bar exam, and is experienced.

At some point while she was still Elia Garcia had it in her head that the tax payers of Socorro needed to pay her even more for her part-time traffic-court judge position in a municipality that is only 32,000 people so she tried to get more money out of the city for the position.

We are talking a HUGE increase in pay she was going after. Guess who would pay for that big pay increase? The tax payers of Socorro.

So they would have to make a cut somewhere else or raise taxes on the community to pay for Elia Garcia's pay raise.

That is why I found the two screen shots so interesting. I mean on the one hand she's making honesty her calling card but she's referring to herself as a judge when she's not one. Not the biggest thing in the world under most circumstances, but in a place like Socorro where they are pretty sensitive about being lied to by candidates, it has the potential to blow up in her face.

Now she wants to be the mayor of Socorro. Obviously that raises a lot of questions.

For me, the biggest question is why she would want to draw attention to her time as the judge in Socorro.

This is the kind of thing that really drives voters nuts. She's on the one hand saying that she saved tax payers money, but what she fails to mention is that she's no longer the judge because she wanted a fat raise that would've mean either cuts or a tax increase to pay for and council said thanks but no thanks.

You can't claim you're saving some unspecified amount of tax dollars and at the same time be the person who was asking tax payers to foot the bill for your tax-payer funded raise!

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