Thursday, May 18, 2017

Pearson's Priorities

I'm helping a candidate in the Hanks area, Cruz Ochoa, try to get elected as the trustee in the area so in full disclosure, I'm totally biased in this one.

He's running against Trustee Paul Pearson who has wasted a lot of tax payer money on dumb stuff like paying lawyers to fight efforts to make the school boards more transparent about their finances and paying for frivolous law suits to prevent some retired teachers from getting pay that was owed them.

But as much as that stuff bothers me from a policy stand point, I'm most annoyed at something that is a pretty stupid self-inflicted wound.

Its Pearson's misplaced priorities. The guy seems more preoccupied with Eastwood than he does his own area. But if the guy wants to represent Hanks and coach at Eastwood and his constituents don't have a problem with it, so be it.

But here's what I do have a problem with - taking off early in a school board meeting so that he can go see Phantom of the Opera.

I'm not making that up. The guy is in a run-off race and thinks its a good idea to leave a meeting EXTREMELY early so that he can go catch a show.

Don't believe me?

Okay, well here's a selfie he posted on his own Facebook page. Take note of the date and time.

Another example of an elected official and a self-inflicted political wound.

But more importantly, its an example of misplaced priorities.

There was a budget vote on the agenda, which he stayed long enough for, but the message he is sending the Hanks community is that whatever else was discussed was apparently not as important to him as catching a play downtown.


Anonymous said...

It wasn't. It's Phantom and Ysleta. Hands down, even THE Ysleta Indian chooses Phantom.

Michael McLain said...

You have been miss informed about Paul Pearson. My name is Michael McLain and I am a 1987 graduate of Hanks High School and the Head Cross Country coach at Eastwood HS . One thing you and Mr Ochoa do not understand is how Hanks Knights support each other. Pearson was my coach at Hanks HS where he was also one of the best teachers in the school. Pearson volunteers 2 days a week with me at Eastwood because I'm there, his ex student/athlete his ex HANKS student athlete. It may be at Eastwood, but it is still about Hanks!! Has Ochoa ever worked at Hanks? Has he ever even worked in education? I'm sure he is a nice man, but he has spent his life getting rich being an engineer. Pearson has spent his life helping kids and he does not forget about them after they graduate, like he has not forgotten about me!! Pearson not only fights for kids, he fights for teachers as a active member of the Texas Retired Teachers Association fighting for teacher benefits. As a teacher in YISD, as a former student of Hanks HS, and as a former teacher at Hanks HS we do not need people who are there for political purposes. We need people who KNOW education and who are willing to stand up for the things that matter. How can you know what matters in education if you have not spent decades in education? Could I be on a board for engineers even though I have never been and engineer? I probably would not be very good it, and neither will Ochoa!

The Lion Star said...

How can you as a retired teacher say with a straight face that he fights for retired teachers?

He voted against them.

He pushed for litigation instead of paying them what was due.

Sam said...

So being cultured and having respect and appreciation for the arts is a bad thing? Haha. Wow, if you can't find anything better to blociate about than a this, you obviously don't have a very good perspective on education and the difference between a legitimate candidate who's more than qualified and the self-serving Ochoa who's just out to vindicate his wife who was rightfully terminated by the very same district. I'll pass and vote for Paul Pearson.

The Lion Star said...

No, having respect and appreciation for the arts is not a bad thing. I never said that.

Maybe I should have written this post in crayon and it might have been easier for you guys to read.

But since you brought it up...he should have respect and appreciation for the people he represents to not ditch what they elected him to do so that he can go see a show. Obviously someone with a "good perspective on education" would understand how terrible of a visual that is to shirk his obligations in favor of going to see a show.

Who knows, maybe the good voters of the district will give him all the free time he needs to take in all the shows he wants to...

Sam said...

Haha. Thanks for the belittling comments, typical of you! I'm pretty sure you'd be the one needing things to be dumbed down if we had an actual conversation rather than one you lead, edit and control on this cute little blog of yours. That said, if all you can bring up is someone going to a boradway show in his downtime then your argument is one that truly doesn't even need to be debated. Thanks, Jaime!

The Lion Star said...


And it wasn't his downtime. He left a board meeting early so he could go watch the show. Had it been his downtime it wouldn't matter. But when you shirk your obligation to the voters in favor of taking in a show, don't be surprised when you end up with plenty of time to take in shows.

Sam said...

We all know the only reason you wrote this blog is because of your affinity for Sesame Street Live over Phantom. I get it and can respect that!

Sam said...

In all seriousness, Paul has served as a teacher for 26 years and on the board for 4. He's voted consistently for raises for our teachers. That said, one board meeting (if that's even true) doesn't negate that service. He's a great person who loves our community's children and as a retired teacher himself, loves our educators. That's all I need to know.

The Lion Star said...

Well, I'd at least have the decency to not ditch what the voters elected me to do in order to go see Bert and Ernie. Your serve.

The Lion Star said...

Well it is true and there's video to prove it.

And then there's the time he voted against being transparent about finances.

Oh, and the time he wasted tax payer money on actually paying lawyers to fight the measure.

Oh, and the time he voted against giving retired teachers pay that was due to them.

But other than that, yeah he's cool.

Sam said...

You realize that Mr. Pearson is a retired teacher, right? So I'm pretty sure your logic is flawed. Anyway, I'll stop now because first off, no one even reads this blog and secondly, I'm sitting next to a friend that knows you quite well and tells me I just can't win with someone like you. I tend to agree. Thanks for the fun back and forth!

The Lion Star said...

No one reads it...

And yet here you are.

I was factually accurate in every assertion I made.

I know, it doesn't fit your narrative.

But it doesn't make it untrue.