Thursday, May 11, 2017

Somebody Save Saucedo...

Save him from himself, his advisors, his team, his ego, or whatever it is that made this guy think coming up with an outlandish conspiracy theory was going to be a smart campaign move.

Seriously, even David K doesn't come up with conspiracies this stupid.

Just kidding, he does. Hell it was probably David K's idea. Word on the street is that the two Republicans hang out and make matching tin foil hats at Morris Pittle's Jew Boy Burger joint in Austin.

Anywho, Saucedo makes a stupid claim, can't or won't back it up, and manages to unit basically the entire city council against him.

Exactly how bad did Saucedo screw up? He had the last remaining members of council still under the cloud of the Texas Rangers investigation - and the two members of council most opposed to the border wall and GOP's stance on immigration - Svarzbein and Tolbert, endorse Margo.

So there's a lot to take in with this particular debacle so lets break it down. Saucedo realizes he's gotta do something to change the game now that he is in the run-off. Most rational people would sit down, do election analysis, methodically plan a strategy, perhaps even reach out to other candidates that have won a run-off and talk to them about what they did to win, etc.

Nope, not Team Douchebag. They decide fuck it, lets go on ABC 7 Xtra with absolutely no plan and say some dumb shit to get attention.

He and his campaign team have slowly morphed into the brown Trump and his team - complete with surrogates that say dumb shit like Sean Spicer and Kelly Ann Conway. These are the same genius that never thought it was a good idea to get him to shave that beard, get a haircut, and perhaps ease up on the manteca in his hair.

Saucedo made a series of outlandish claims that disparage the employees of the City of El Paso and then seemed shocked that members of council like Mayor Leeser, Rep Ordaz, Rep Noe, and others came to their defense? It shows how completely sheltered, inexperienced, and out of touch he is.

But it also shows Saucedo is a massive hypocrite. You see all of those people that are in departments that issue permits, conduct inspections, or issue citations - that Saucedo accuses of committing crimes like bribery and extortion - all answer to one man...

City Manager Tommy Gonzalez.

Okay, all the candidates for mayor that want to hold the city manager accountable please take one step forward.

Nope! Not so fast Saucedo...get your over-privileged, blue-blood, born-with-every-advantage ass back in line.

Yeah, for all the conspiracies that Saucedo said has been happening for years ONLY David Saucedo actually went to council to ADVOCATE for Gonzalez's raise. The very guy allegedly allowing this alleged crime spree and Saucedo insults the staff and advocates a raise for their boss.

Trump had a better nonsensical explanation of firing the FBI director than Saucedo's claims.

I think I'm gonna start taking bets on the over-under of when Saucedo's hands start to shrink and he uses the word "bigly".


If He Feels That Strongly...

So this is something the media should be asking of Saucedo. If he REALLY feels like Jim Tolbert, Mayor Leeser, Cortney Niland and the rest of the members of council under the Texas Rangers investigation are part of the "cabal" at city council - and he is REALLY that much against the "status quo" ...

Then why does he have his two main campaign consultants still on staff?

Chris Hernandez and Jeremy Jordan are both former city staffers. Hernandez was a staffer for Tolbert until he resigned in order to run Saucedo's campaign and Jeremy Jordan was a staffer for Cortney Niland until he was arrested for a domestic violence incident involving his ex-wife, which was ultimately dismissed.

And Hernandez - in a bit of irony that sounds too comical to be true - is also running ... you guessed it, Jim Tolbert's campaign in addition to running Saucedo's.

It is the height of all things hypocritical to point the finger at people like Ordaz - who unlike Saucedo has solid support in her district winning every precinct in her district in the last election - who actually tried to hold the city manager accountable while Saucedo as advocating for his raise, and calling members of council like Niland and Tolbert a "cabal" and having their staffers as his campaign staff.

One last thing...doesn't Saucedo take issue with the fact that of the three city rep races in a run-off, all of which have a candidate being managed by Saucedo's campaign staffer Chris Hernandez, that two of the three have endorsed Dee Margo? I mean the guy Saucedo is paying to run his campaign is running three other campaigns and two of the three are endorsing Margo?

Ya know with all this talk of loyalty contracts, you'd think the one who really needs one would be The Sauce!


Anonymous said...

Well, you solved the mystery of the Neanderthal facial hair and greasy hair look. Look at his campaign manager. Plz don't let David stand too lose to a flame, stand in the sun-bacon sizzling sound, or sit in your upholstered chairs-place towel or plastic on back of chair. Oh yes, stay indoors on windy days-grease collects sand.

Svarzbein and Tolbert endorsing anyone would be an embarrassment for the endorsee.

Hernandez, are you playing a game of "who's on first"? Quadruple agent ? Yo manh, ow minny yob ju werk?(no offensive to the hard working Jamicans).

You're correct Jaime, this guy has no idea where's he going or where's he been. Imagine city policy with no strategy or direction. Maybe he's not really doesn't want to be mayor. Media coverage and narcissism, motive? Scarface wannabe? Does anyone know ?

Xcuse mee senior, yu Paz de salsa? Rolls window up and leaves.

Anonymous said...

Your idea of blue-blood and over-privileged is funny. You make it seem like he's some sort of El Paso royalty.

Anonymous said...

The future looks bright for Republicans. You Liberal snow flakes hate each other more than you hate this country, the constitution and the Republicans. We just need to sit back and wait for ya'll to kill each other and then take this country back. Good bye liberal political correctness and the pansy mentality that comes with it!

The Lion Star said...

Go fuck yourself.