Monday, May 8, 2017

Sorry, Not Sorry.

If you know anything about YISD, you know why the defeat of Ana Dueñez was a good thing for The District.

Her last meeting is this week and should be the stuff of legend.


Anonymous said...

No surprise on Ana. NO surprise on Emma, nor Limon. Big surprise on Tolbert, the one Veronica & Susie first pushed around. the election will be interesting. Hope people vote. You looked pretty darn good on ktsm. Thanks for info on where to keep up with the voting. Keep on speaking truth...

Anonymous said...

To bad no one thought to cut off her mic the day after
her first board meeting.

YISD Superintendent addresses rumor of consolidation,
calls it a fairy tale made up by board member

De La Torre asked Dominguez where she had heard about
the consolidations and she replied, "In the news."

De La Torre responded by saying," As of today, this
board nor this staff has had any conversation of
consolidating Cedar Grove or Ascarate Elementary."

During that interaction, Board Member Ana M. Duenez
spoke out saying, "It is going to happen!"

Duenez's microphone was then cut off.

In a later interview, De La Torre said it was a
fairy tale made up by Duenez.

Anonymous said...

Ana has been involved in a couple of grassroots political efforts I have been involved in, I also dealt with through my job once. I just have one thing to say; she is a nut job and that’s the kindest thing I have to say about her. As a taxpayer I am happy to have her off the YISD board because she should have never been there. This another example of the voters not researching the candidates properly..