Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Temperament & The Run-Off

Now that we are in the run-off I'm interested in seeing how all the candidates that are left deal with the issue of temperament. Normally that is a phrase I only use when speaking about judicial candidates but of the municipal candidates, there is at least one candidate in each race that has issues with temperament.

When you consider the behavior of city council over the last couple of years you'll understand why they are often referred to as dysfunctional. People like Niland, Limon, Noe, and Tolbert haven't helped fix that image much. All the fighting has been bad for the city.

So I think the temperament of the candidates is going to be something voters consider when it comes to the run-off vote. I don't think voters are going to want to send people to council that are drama queens or have issues with their anger.

Lets take a look at the guys with a problem controlling their anger or temperament.

David Saucedo - His volume is always at a 10. He's always angry and it can't figure out why. In addition to his age, bad experience with money, and inability to keep a story straight, its gonna be hard to see how voters look past his presentation. Also, he should've cut that greasy hair and lost the beard a long time ago. Gotta look like a mayor if you want people to envision you as one.

Jim Tolbert - Tolbert is the poster boy of emotional candidates. Jim has two speeds - really nice and really fucking angry. All of his self-inflicted wounds have to do with him losing his temper and that is bad on council.

Steakgate - anger. Jim was mad that he didn't get invited for free steak. Probably the most juvenile thing he has been mad about.

Quorumgate - Tolbert expressed being pissed about other players being in the now-infamous meeting when he felt like he did more than others that were included.

Assholegate - The most obvious example of Tolbert losing his temper. How is D2 at all benefited by the emotional outbursts and anger?

Jaime Barceleau - He's used to be in charge and not used to working within the confines of a body that questions him because he's been the boss, or in the Army, for most of his career. How can that guy even begin to be a constructive member of a legislative body that a will have some tough conversations coming their way? Just look how he reacts to the slightest bit of criticism:

I know, I know, you guys think I just look for excuses to post this video again.

And you're right, I do. But it does underscore my point about his lack of ability to control his temper. Look how he reacts to a member of the public. What happens when there are difficult and perhaps confrontational conversations at council? Is that demeanor going to benefit District 3?

Sam Morgan - I don't know what got into Sam in this election cycle but he's almost a different guy. There has been an edge to him from day one that seemed like it was annoyance at having to campaign against other people for a seat he perceives rightfully belongs to him. It was so notable I actually asked him about his tone after one of the first debates. In that debate he went after Diana Ramos in a really harsh tone. He came across as angry that she was running for the seat.

And then there's the interview with the El Paso Times when they called him and asked him about his campaign finance report appearing to show that he had paid his business rent with campaign money. He hung up on the reporter when they asked him questions about the situation. Well what is he gonna do on behalf of constituents of District 4 in the northeast if he gets a tough question he doesn't like? What does he do if the question comes on the dais and not on the phone where he can hang-up?

These candidates probably want to avoid a candidate forum because now that the races are down to two candidates, how they comport themselves, especially now that the stakes are higher, is going to come out.


Anonymous said...

Nailed it ! Only one I would say is off is about Morgan. I believe that he has changed somewhat simply because he is in this to win. He did what he had to to eliminate competitors. He could tone it down a bit I agree. I'm sure if he is elected he will return to his old self but don't expect him to sit back and be silent when he is for an issue.

Jaime is a perfect example of why generals do not make good Presidents. No consensus, only directives. When questioned its like he has been holding it in for a long time and explores. I'm not sure he was a good military leader because he doesn't appear to be willing to listen. I pity his assistant if he's elected. He needs someone that is tough and is willing to tell him the truth not what he wants to hear.

The new mayor will have to have a chair and whip for Tolbert and Jaime debates.

If Saucedo is elected not much will get done as he will always be primping or at the hair dresser. Oh sweety, you missed a nail. Plz a seltzer with cucumber. Thank you darling. Oh don't bother me with figures, I leave work to my assistant.

The Lion Star said...

I'm not off about Morgan. I knew the guy before he turned all angry.

The hanging up on a reporter because he doesn't like the question is the perfect example.

Augustus Snodgrass said...

Jaime...Excellent work as usual over the last 7 days or so. So much to cover, but you've done an admirable job.

First of all, David Saucedo. They guy is a total buffoon. If you recall, he first "came on the scene" when he was involved with Cathedral's 90th Gala and his to Host to be--Lou Holtz. Well, they never had Holtz, in fact the Gala was to have been pushed to this Spring due to the controversy, many of them among the Cathedral alumni who were conflicted about Saucedo's choice. As a matter of fact, there Never was a Gala, 90 or 91. His "magic touch" killed an event that was supposed to have been a fundraiser for scholarships and to help publicize to the community regarding Cathedral's 90 year's in existence.

Cathedral's alumni director of the age 80+ senior citizen set even emailed us to demand that we vote for Saucedo as he is an alum. With that same mind set, should we support Larry Romero in the future? Or, should Jefferson grads support "The Nightstalker" because he went to Jeff?

Then, we go on to his work with the Boys & Girls Clubs. Again, its all been written about, but a total fiasco, with Saucedo trying to distance himself from the financial mess, instead pointing fingers at others.

Then, the constant "Me, Me, Me" of his campaign, including the ridiculous picture of him at Scenic Park. Where he was wearing sockless penny loafers and pointing out to Juarez. WTF? What was that picture/scene supposed to have been about?

I get annoyed when he is referred to as a "Businessman" as in how he helped start his company. WRONG. He just stepped into the role as the son of David Sr. And, David Sr. stepped into the role because of his Father. Think Eric Trump. Does anyone think he could have started a company and run it efficiently? NO!

I hope the citizens (those single digit voters) for the city's next mayor will scrutinize Saucedo. He is the Wrong guy. He needs to lay off his constant narcissism. I had to laugh at the above post. Yes, a Mirror will be a wonderful gift for him this Christmas as well as extra Selfie Sticks. Yes, Darling, can you put extra manteca in my hair. Yes, please, more Seltzer water and that cucumber slice you promised. Marvelous Darling. Oh please, just a little bit more manteca in the hair. Must have that manscaping done before the Big Election. Darling, I must look good for the press (free or paid for).....