Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Dirtiest Campaign Move I've Ever Seen...

I've campaigned a lot in El Paso and have covered local elections for a decade. I've block walked every neighborhood in the county from colonias in the far edges in the county, to the Willows on the westside, from Segundo Barrio, to the furthest edges of precinct 50 in the northeast, from Vinton to Tornillo.

So I've seen a lot of crazy campaign stuff in my day. From the silly to the downright dirty.

And since most of my campaign activities have been in the valley, I've seen lots of dirty shit in a campaign. And to be honest, most of the dirty shit I've seen happen in campaigns had something to do with Dora Oaxaca.


Yesterday I heard the dirtiest campaign robo-call I've ever heard. And just how bad was it?

It was so bad, it now has me defending Dora Oaxaca.

Yes, Dora is usually the architect of dirty whisper campaigns and lots of other stuff that she has refined to nuclear-grade capacity over the years, but this was especially awful, below the belt, and mean-spirited.

I've been struggling for about the last 24 hours on whether or not to even publish it because it was so ugly. I have finally decided that publishing it so that people can hear for themselves the kind of dirty things that happen in campaigns was the only way to public shame whoever did this.

This robocall is a major violation.

It never says who its from but unleashes a personal attack on Oaxaca that attacks a physical ailment she has. Its completely below the belt and while Yours Truly frequently talks about her connections to Emma Acosta, her new husband, and the Gandara family, making a robocall that is anonymous and attacks how she looks is wrong, shameful, ineffective, and disgusts me.

This is more than just dirty pool, this is flat-out mean spirited.

Now the point of finance reports is so that you can see who is spending money and what it is being spent on in campaigns.

This stunt is dark money. Somewhere, someone spent money to make this robocall happen.

And I have a theory about who it is. But first, heres the call.

I told you, its ugly.

So here's the back story of how I got the call. The call was sent to the office of a government official in the Lower Valley. So whoever sent that call, again the source is never identified, sent it to voters in District 7 and made sure that the elected official's office number was included in the universe.

The first thing you'd think of is Limón right? Well if it was her, why would she bother including Emma Acosta in the attack? If it was only going to Lower Valley residents that are in District 7, why would she need to include an attach on Acosta?

So I flat out asked her about it and she was emphatic that it didn't come from her camp. Limon has been the victim of a pretty harsh attack from Oaxaca herself. It would be a dangerous thing for her to lie about and I don't feel like she'd lie about something that could eventually come back to haunt her.

Its ineffective because while yes, we in the Lower Valley are known for throwing a few elbows here and there, not enough people have context of Dora Oaxaca, Emma Acosta, Henry Rivera, or the Gandara family.

Personally I think it was meant to look like her to benefit another candidate. And who benefits most from every vote Acosta doesn't get?

Oh, that elected official did actually get one other robocall to their office this election cycle.

Just one. And it was a mayoral campaign.

Guess what campaign coincidentally sent a robocall to the elected officials office number that wouldn't be on any voter roster?

I'm not saying that mayoral candidate that stands to benefit from every vote Acosta doesn't get in order to make it in to a run-off did it, I'm just saying its some amateur night bullshit and one hell of a coincidence.


Anonymous said...

it was sour - ugly, must have come from Limon.

The Lion Star said...

Sorry Dr. Noe, I straight up asked her and she was emphatic that it didn't come from her campaign. But I'm determined to find out who did it and then out them.

But it's a scary trend that people will operate outside election code.

Anonymous said...

A robocall in English in the lower valley??? Really? Somebody is going about that one all wrong.

Who is the target audience? Obviously English speakers. But most people in th elower valley predominately speak Spanish. I would suspect the more than a fair number speak only Spanish.

Chaparral Tumbleweed

Anonymous said...


Btw you really need an editor, that was hard to read.

The Lion Star said...

You read it. You'll come back and read it again.

Go fuck yourself.

Anonymous said...

Of course I will, you have good content but you should also be able recognize that you need an editor. Not sure what he angry response was for.